Haaaaaaalp! (Today's round since it wasn't a Haul)

She’s chasing me!!


Congratulations on finally getting a Tyranitar!

Ayy, you evolved your Pupitar! Grats :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep :3
She just needs to have Return replaced and her CP raised (it’s EXACTLY 2700, funnily enough) and I’ll feel LOADS more confident fighting someone :3


First time I’ve seen a screenshot of a purified Mon following someone on the map. The particle effects look neat!


I’m so happy for you.

And I see you don’t have the Radar equiped. Hopefully, once you feel brave enough, you defeat those pesky leaders.

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slow heavy metal music playing


No, no, no it is Dark Rock music that I hear…

@SupaAnimegal congrats with your new Buddy :+1::+1::+1:


Same, and to make it even better: it’s a sparkling Godzilla.

Great content imo


Snowy weather ! heavy breathing

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Yeah, it’s been snowing in Washington lately and I hate it.

I have never seen snow. Have fun catching Swinubs.



Thanks :3
But… Can someone please remind me how to get Charged TMs again?

Raids, PvP, and special research tasks. However, I believe raids are all RNG unless it’s a tier 4, and the special research very much depends on which one as not all of them give TMs

Daily: A chance when you pvp against people for the first 3 fights, 1 chance when you battle a gym leader (other rewards are 500/1000 stardust or a rare candy)

Tier 3-5 raids give a chance (or maybe 2 Charged TMs if you’re lucky)

Special Research Tasks

Actually, Tier 1-2 raids also have a very small chance of giving Charged TMs, while Tier 4 raids are guaranteed to give at least one Charged TM.

From tier 5 is also possible to have 3 Charge TMs( like i have today). Not sure , its only T5.

Okay good :3
I can solo those (starters raids, 1st Evo raids, etc.)
I can’t solo 3 star raids, though.