Hahaha the madlads

They did the unthinkable, they really did it.

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And now Jorge doesn’t take up a banner spot on a New Hero Tellius banner! He’s not seasonal but this works fine for me!


Although now I have to decide should I grail Summer Rhys or Jorge as my next project. Blue blow is interesting and he costs less cause GHB


I might bot for dorothea, tanya or ferdinand next cyl lol

Too bad his stats are pretty bad looking, at least at first glance. I pray his prf is interesting though.

Having a ranged blue physical unit from the tellius games will be a fine asset to me for the entry battles, the closest to that might be DC nephenee but im happy to have a F2P colored archer that is not green.

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Jorge getting in the game at all had me dying.

And then I realized he got in the game before Jill. Then I was crying with laughter.


It is very much the haha kind

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ranged = range > 1
blue = belongs to the blue category of the weapon triangle.
melee = means that deals physical damage instead of magic damage (but i kinda screw it up melee is close combat)
i will fix it

Melee means they are range 1 units.

Dragons are melee units that deal magic damage.

And I just saw you typed that, lmao. Oops.

Have a Pic as an apology.


The stats are kinda tanky, that’s cool I guess

Honestly, Tellius is Tellius. Love me some Tellius

That pic reminded me of how badly I want a Mythic Nemesis

I’ll definitely be giving Jorge a shot.

Also, now that he’s in FEH, you know what that means? Aimee can just as easily be added to FEH.

Ike will not sleep soundly when this happens. XD

Best FE merchant deserves that! :feh_royyes:

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I didn’t even notice his stats were shown. I was distracted by the skill… But I have a Julian manual lying around so Close Foil shenanigans could be abound!

I literally doubled over with laughter when I saw this. It was amazing

I’ll definitely be building him up at some point, just for the sake of it


I love how many expected another 3h unit as GHB which already got enough in that short time and IS just added someone completely unexpected.

While I’m still missing more important ones, adding Jorge this way is fine. I just hope the next new heroes on September are finally Tellius ones. It’s been a long time since we had the last one on April 2019… :feh_ikestare:

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I still don’t quite understand
Jorge is a meme unit because some guy decided to make a ton of bots to vote for someone that practically doesn’t matter in their source game?

I was hoping it wouldn’t be a 3H unit because it’d be funny when everyone was convincing themselves IS would stick to a theme just cause 4 3H characters won. Tellius would be the ideal for me personally

Yet somehow not only did they do it. But it was still so unexpected that they really went Jorge for it.


Yeah, although Seteth would’ve been nice, I’m happy with Jorge

I was saying he should get a seasonal but this was honestly better just cause it was way funnier! And the important part was it still didn’t take up a spot on a Tellius New Hero Banner either.

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