Half ap story before loliland

Will there be a half ap event before loliland drops? I know that it is locked under LB2. So far i am only seeing a half ap for interlewds and the earliest one is one is with the loligail banner.

There should be.

Which event? Cause i can’t find it.

It’s not necessarily an “event,” but it’s a half AP campaign in preparation for Oniland.

This was actually covered in another thread at one point, and yes, you probably will have difficulty finding evidence, for some reason. But it’s expected to happen during the down time between 2019 halloween rerun and Oniland.

Here it is:

The JP dates appear to overlap with the Halloween rerun and the interludes campaign that comes between the Halloween events.


Thanks! I had a hard time finding that.

You can check my Event Compendium expansion for all 1/2 AP dates.