Half QP enchantments cost

So with the 7 million download campaign we get the half QP cost for enchantments. Does anyone know how often this comes up? Is it just during the download campaign?

It comes up pretty often, usually in between events.

Half qp is incredibly rare. The next closest event I found that has it is the 13 mil DL campaign which should be in June.


Is it really? I’ve only been playing since November and I feel like it’s been around 4 or 5 times.

You’re probably thinking of Super/Great success up. That one is fairly common but I’ve been playing since February 2018 and I can’t recall ever seeing 1/2 QP cost in that time period(though that could just be my bad memory).

I don’t understand what they mean with Half cost, maybe the little bit of QP you pay for leveling…skill level cost is the same :fgo_jeannu:

I’m gonna farm the hell out of those doors.

Three perks in total:

  1. 2x Great & Super success chance;
  2. Enhancement QP cost halved;
  3. Daily treasure vault AP cost halved.
    #2 is not applicable to skill enhancement…meh.

Half QP for enhancement is rare. But unless you’re leveling past 80, it’s not so significant that i’d wait for it.

I would wait to grail (especially to 100) for half QP enhancement if you’re serious about resource managements.

1/2 qp skill enhancement costs pls dw


That’s kinda what I was hoping for until I read that it doesn’t include skill upgrades

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