Half year anniversary headhunting pack

Im missing saria, chen, hoshi, exusai, and skadi from this list but want saria, second is chen, and third exusai.

Should i push for saria even though i have the other two? (Did i get it right that the pack is one 6* out of the three options?)

Here are my ops:

I wouldn’t go for it. Keep in mind this isn’t a banner - it’s a purchased pack for $26 and you can only get one. If you don’t mind throwing that much down with a 2/3 chance of a dupe that’s your choice, but personally even if I was willing to spend that much at once, I would only do it if at least 2/3 of the possibilities were ones I both didn’t have and actively wanted.

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It really depends if the money is easy for you. Regarding which pack to choose an Ifrit and SA dupe is not that bad but Saria will be back at the certificate shop at one point. Maybe go for the green pack, both Ch’en and Hoshi are good operators. Hoshi alongside Saria is really good for next CC.

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I wont buy it because i have most of them, the chances of dupe is high.

But mostly because if one wait, soon we will have for the same price a ticket to buy:

1- A 6* of our choice, not like here. Here you spend to get a chance to roll your target. 33% chances.

2- The choice is bigger, more 6* than in this offer.

Then again, i will buy neither since i managed to grab both Ch’en and Blaze. But had i missed one of them, i would have targeted the anniversary pack not this one

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Only thing I don’t have is Saria so I think I will go for it since I don’t mind getting a dupe of the other two either for the dp -1. On the other hand in your case you have a 2 in 3 chance of getting something new from the first one so it might be better to go down that route.

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I’m not going to buy. I have 2 from the red and blue packs, and all 3 from the green pack. Honestly this is a pretty easy skip for me

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