Hall of Fallen Fates Flappetry... er Forms (B!Camilla, Fallen Corrins, Onsen Hinoka)

Guess where my effort went lol.

Where she is before I spend my last few torches to skill snipe. EDIT: Got A/S Finish :metal:

…Really, game? Really? :expressionless:


I am NOT making myself miserable trying to solo this with Camilla so I’ve been throwing the Corns a few bones as I go through the lower floors. F-Corrin got her refined Prf and M-Corrin got Serenity Breath so they should be pretty good. I also gave Hinoka one dagger upgrade just so she can get the Smoke effect – unrefined Silver Dagger only debuffs the target


F!Corrin’s refined PRF was literally the first thing that came up, followed immediately by Panic Smoke 4. I am down to clown with that. Drag. Wrath 4 would/should be better than MB 4, and I’m tempted to keep the Panic Smoke, but if SPD Smoke 4 shows up, maybe I switch that out.


Still need Dragon’s Wrath 4 and Smoke 4 skill, but Camilla’s build is finished


Not that I’m likely to get her from HoF. But hey.


I’ve always had good luck when it came to Fates, so this HoF should be pleasant.

I barely did the first 3 maps and man, the game’s trying to tell me something :

I have no reason to forma Camilla though, with my history.


Lulz. Are you one to try and pimp out units with the blue stars?

But those are some sweet first picks :metal:

Used F!F!Corrin as my main tank/carry. She had Distant Dart, Lull Atk/Spd 3, and Rouse Atk/Res 4 to clear most floors.

Started re-rolling skills now that I’m done and here’s what I have so far:

I’m still targeting Dragon’s Wrath 4 and Spd Smoke 4. I’d settle for Panic Smoke 4 too.


Pretty good for the first day. Only want to get a new C skill (Atk/Spd Menace or a Recovery) before I move on to F!Corrin.

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The other 3 got just a handful of random skills.

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Well my torches are all gone. Hunt is going okay. Got GARBAGE all the way through the floors but after Floor 25 things went a little better

I would prefer Atk/Spd Catch for A because of its incredible synergy with Sangridr but that Unity will suffice if I can’t get it. The real issue has been C slot. I have gotten every Hold except Spd/Res… And no sign of Atk/Spd Oath or Inf. Spd Tactic. I’ll keep trying.


I think I can call her complete now. SPD Smoke 4 is at least in the common pool, I guess?..

And she picked up +1, Preempt.


Got Spd Smoke 4 for my F!F!Corrin today.
Now only Dragon’s Wrath 4 is left.


Ran a gauntlet as a last hurrah on the UWU banner and free pulled a F!F!Corrin.

Game’s trying to tell me something, clearly. lol :metal:

Finally Completed It, She’s Ready!


i had so bad luck this time. :frowning:

only got spd smoke 4 so far. <.<

A Slot: ATK/RES Finish 4
B SLot: Quick Reposite 4



Damn! Thats truly unlucky.


I’m such a sucker with this. “She’s fine with her base kit, all she needs to do is hit people who can’t counter.”

“Oh but look at those perfect skills. She’s awesome, I should just use a soul.”


I feel that, especially with the staff heroes that have been in HoF. Game8 dot co has recommended Fjorm and Camilla on these last two, and I grabbed Sara way back when on the Thracia Halls…

Part of it is that staves just aren’t very unique unless they’re 5*, usually. Any demoted one can largely be changed out for another, unanimously. Utterly underwhelming. So when a chance comes for a unique staff, boom. Ugh.

(I didn’t mean for the U alliteration, but it started happening and I just rolled with it. Also, I should have coffee earlier in the morning, my reading and editing comprehension is shit right now lol)


Mission complete ; the Catch was acquired.

I’ll most likely forma these 2 :