Hall OF Fjorms - Sexy Dagger Lady and Winter Trio

Didn’t saw a thread and time to post it… Even though, it’s late AF…
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The only one that matters (though near save Zeph helped clear):


I never got Armor March, and only got Far Save on squishy ass Nino (so I turned it down)

Zeph and Jaffar carried pretty hard. Ursula was mainly a buff bot


I finished a few days ago; for me it was Ursula and Nino carry

Ursula could’ve used a better weapon but the Cleaner did just fine, and Nino didn’t get Close Foil until near the end (before that she used Atk/Spd Ideal or Kestrel Stance 3)


Hard carry

Helped a bit

Killed some reds Jaffar couldn’t



It should have been called Battle Before Dawn after the chapter this forma is based off after :feh_welp:

Also my team’s trash af and Ursula has saved my life


Ursula was mostly a rally bot, everyone else was really useful.

Despite how squishy she is Nino ran far save REALLY well, she made it a lot easier. I only got armor March on like the second to last chapter which sucked.

Zephiel basically tanked everything that was melee even with his unfinished set up lol.


didn’t get any armor movement skills the entire time

only got Bold Fighter towards the end, but was one of the main carries for sure
he also could one-shot some bow hinokas and Micaiahs if Ursula died or something, so that was also useful

Kinda useless without a good fighter skill tbh
got the save early so that was nice
Getting the saves really helped make up for the lack of movement

One of the other carries
She usually had a Menace + Smoke Dagger through most of the chambers and was a really good debuffer (except for that one FIke :fgo_lipburrito: )
I didn’t invest much on her during the actual chambers, this is just what happens when you burn the rest of your torches autobattling hall 1 lol

cute save baby
ofc was a bit squishy but a true pp menace perfect for the late hall armors like Zelgius with 80+ HP



These two carried me. I’ve gotten a bunch of good A-slot options as well, from Bracing Stance 3 to CD4 for Zephiel and Swift Stance 3 for Jaffar. Should’ve probably kept Bracing over Sturdy tbh. But even after spending all my torches I still haven’t gotten Near Save for Zeph :sob:

If I could get Near Save on him I’ll probably use the free Forma Soul as I’d love a good Near Save unit to match with some of the ranged powerhouses. Got a pretty good build going if I just inherit Vengeful Fighter on him, with special acceleration, deceleration and penalty negation.


Only really used Ursula and Nino to clear hof. The other two were bait.

Will see what I can get on Ursula. Not really easy to build hof unit lately.


Are you telling me you got Near Save on Zephiel with what looks like to be 3 kills while here I am trying to get it with all my torches and noting so far? Damn it IS…

@Vastus Zephiel comes with VF naturally. You should try to get Slick Fighter instead. Good luck on your quest for Near Save! I’m also in the same boat and it’s painful…


I’ve been riding in her Satchel as she carries Zeph and the boys to win after win


Damn this Hall of Suck, my Queen keep getting rubbish daggers like Pumpkin in a Box while Jaffar keeps getting Broadleaf Fan. And for some reason the only B skill i roll are Sabotage skills. The 3 armor clowns have blank B slots for a long time.


Nino. My carry thanks to both Armor March and Even Follow Up

Zephiel. The one time I ever found a Boost skill useful

Ursula. All the Daggers she rolled were bleh so I passed on them until I realized the reason she wasn’t good for setting up [Dagger x] debuffs was because Silver Dagger doesn’t have that effect. It took me longer than I’d care to admit to realize this (read: Seashell was obtained on Chamber 25)

Jaffar. Don’t remember the kit he had when I finished all the Chambers, but he had really bad luck rolling skills until after I completed them all. Thankfully, I’ve had much better luck since. Now I’m only missing Atk/Spd Menace and Daring Fighter


I replaced lull atk/def with lull spd/def.

Still try harding to get any version of the far trace. :feh_lucyshrug:

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Had fun with the wrong trace


I’ve been lazy and only just finished it with 2 days to go.


The three ranged units all turned out really well and carried the day. Poor Zephiel could never get to the fight and only got Armour March very late on.

Jaffar is particularly impressive with great synergy between his excellent A and C skills but I’ve no intention of doing him as a merge project so no forma going there. Putting all my torches now into hoping for a mixed phase offense A and Special Fighter for Nino, she might tempt me.

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I finally beat floor 25 today… and at the same time finally got my first Bold Fighter to show up on him which helped beat the final 2 floors

And this is a visual representation of how his skills have been throught the entire time


Me and my alt with Zephiel: Speed +3 and petal parasol you say? No? Can I interest you in res feint as a seal?