Hall of form final team (post your teams)

Pretty unlucky with some skills but I’m satisfied with the results. Ike was really good and I cleared a lot of maps with him alone , Soren was decent for tanking mages and alright for killing red units . Mist only had brazen atk/spd 4 for the final battle but she did alright thanks to spd tactic and savage blow, but greil was useful only for the drive

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Easy clap. Had to do some big brain plays along the way, avoid some Micaiah’s, but it worked out.

Mist aka the carry

There’s no question that this little girl absolutely carried my team, nuking everything in sight.

Ike aka the other carry

Not quite as powerful as Mist, but put in a ton of work. Both are the carries, but Mist did more tbh. Not to discredit Ike, because he did tons.

Soren aka put in some work I guess

Soren did some limited stuff, killing the low res swordies and such, rallying Mist. Not too scrappy. Had to be a meat shield more than once tho

And of course what would a HoF be without me and my dump units. And the marcher himself, following his son for all eternity marching him onwards, Greil.

Greil aka the dump unit

Meat shield many times, and marcher of Ike, the dump unit tradition is upheld. Carrying on Boey, Draug and many many many others’ legacy


I was more active than usual,so I knocked it out early as possible


Went by smoother than expected. Cleared the whole damn thing without a single armor movement skill available. Thanks RNG.

Mist with wolf tome was the mvp. Was skeptical about it but she one shotted so many key calvary targets for me.


This time everyone put their weight, surprisingly
This Hall of Fjorms’ reward was Special Fighter for Ike even though he has no Special skill on him

No Radiant Aether, but he still did a good job tanking melee units.
Yes, I have Armored Stride alongside Bond skills but shhhh, couldn’t get Armor March

Greil was a mixed bag, but he still helped out.

The first one of my MVPs. Making purely offensive units is really fun.

The second and biggest MVP. I got pretty lucky with the skills. No Blade Session (got a Shield Session earlier), but that’s still great.


Ike is doing the most work for me here… while Soren has Repo and Mist has Rally Atk/Spd+… Greil… well he’s kinda putting in some work at least he just got Rearguard (Def) and has that b skill Duo.Hector comes with… (and the game wants me to give him Glacies cuz it showed up his last 4 times I tried to give him a skill… but he already has Ruptured Sky


Im technically only at lvl 22 but ive passed the orb so if i dont get like 20 reds i dont care.
I dont want to deal with caineghis or f!corn…

the builds

Also why do i have 2 dd4s


Surprisingly, one of my favorite Hall of Forms so far, despite having two armors.

Greil proved why he’s best dad and carried the entire team. Mist was doing well to begin with but started falling off near the end. It took Soren a long while to get going but once he did, he was great. Ike reached level 40 in the final chamber and was mostly there to follow Greil around.


Im only on Chamber 17, and I’ve found my biggest problem foe…

Soren hits like a wet noodle, Mist can’t 1 shot (and dies on the counter) and no armor movement means the othe 2 are just dead weight against her… Thanks IS for this BS…


Everyone other than Ike pulled their own weight, but Greil was probably the MVP, being able to bait out not just Blues but Dagger and Bow units too. My main account’s progress, on the other hand, is depressingly bad and not even worth posting at this point. Now to work on Ike’s Forma since I could really use a good armor (since Edelgard won’t come home :catcry:)


Fun Hall of Forms one of times I actually made to floor 25.
Ike and Mist were the MVPs. Greil was bait and Soren was a debuffer.


He has B!Oboro’s Sword (don’t remember the English name and I’m too lazy to check). His skillset can still be improved, but he does his job fairly well.
I don’t have Special Fighter yet, but Special Spiral is fine too.

His Armor March is really useful. His mobility is not very flexible, but Brave Axe + 41 Base Atk + DB4 is no joke.

Despite her lack of skills, she is pretty good thanks to her great range. She has a Bladetome, but I would like to get a Rouse skill to help her to be more self sufficient. The recent acquisition of Opening Atk by Ike is helpful tho.
Her special is Moonbow btw.

He has Vessel of Cheer. Like Mist, he does a pretty good job as a Ranged Cav. His A skill is not the best, but I hope I’ll get something better later. Getting Flora Guide would be cool too.


Pledged Blade. (My Ike has it too)


I got pretty lucky and my 2 mages ended up getting bladetomes pretty quickly.
Everyone besides grail put in some major work so I’m pretty pleased with how well they did.

I’m contemplating formaing Ike as he’s got some nice skills along the way.

I’ll have to start fishing for a different weapon, pledged blade showed up like 90% of the time with a different refine lol


Just finished! I was genuinely surprised by how much fun I had with this batch. Then again, I wound up with some fantastic skill rolls on all four units.

Ike got both Armored Stride and Atk/Res Solo early and those two skills were pretty much all he needed. That Feint and Rally came in handy a couple times, but for the most part, he was a very independent unit.

Soren had a REALLY rough start. He struggled to kill much and it was really hard for me to use him, but after around Chamber 17-18 he started getting some really good rolls. I rolled Atk/Res Solo on this guy earlier, but then Atk/Spd Solo came along and I couldn’t pass it up. And then after one chamber I was thinking he could use a Ruse, and right after thinking that, BAM! Spd/Res Ruse came up. He may have been a late bloomer, but those last few chambers toppled quickly thanks to him and some decent enemy RNG.

Mist was my early carry. She actually had Rexcalibur up to about the 21st chamber because I wasn’t getting very good weapon rolls for her, and I eventually finally settled on the Green Egg while doing an early chamber to reset all the chambers. Shoutout to her for surviving a 47 Spd Clair in the final chamber (helped by Ike’s Spd Feint). Also, Blade Session is really really good.

Greil surprised me, honestly. I thought he would be dead weight but he made for a really good tank, especially with Mystic Boost. In one chamber a Reinhardt kept Rallying a Lachesis who kept attacking Griel but she couldn’t really do anything to him because of Mystic Boost. I actually wound up turning down a Special Fighter roll after that because Mystic Boost had proved so useful, and it wound up being the right decision after a tricky chamber where he tanked a Marth and a Merric in succession, charged up an Ignis to one shot a Leon, and had just enough HP to take on the F-Corrin left behind.

Micaiah popped up twice as I climbed and I just reset the chambers both times. She’s just a massive middle finger to this whole group.



Lightning McQueen

Not the unit you were expecting I bet.

One-Hit Wonder

Stop Hitting Yourself

That other one

This HoF was a mess!


Ahh I always have fun with Hof. Was looking for this thread, thought it would be more popular.
I tend not to use torches until after getting all the daily bonuses so here we are.

I was semilucky in that the only “problem unit” I couldn’t counter that actually appeared was Hinoka. Everything else I lost due to bad strategy or the entire enemy team actually working together.

The ranged tank

Amazing at going in first and doing some work on mages that would otherwise threaten the slow units with lower res, often taking them out on counterattacks before the armors even got close.

The omnitank

Not as good blocking mages as Mist, but he could still tank a hit. I have a new appreciation for aoe skills now too, I never really used them before. It only triggered twice in the whole run, but it absolutely saved my bacon both times.

the dps

Aka the reason I ran dual reposition. If he didn’t kill a unit, he left them low enough for Mist or Soren

the finishing blow

Soren was good at nothing in particular really, but he did have enough damage to either finish off weakened ranged units, or weaken melee units. Also rally spd/res for Ike or Mist or sometimes Greil.
Aka “the most likely to die.”


I love bridges. I don’t think even Ike stood a chance at this stage (stage like 21?)

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Finally beat floor 25

Ike Had Brave Sword but switched it since I can always get it

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These two were the entire team. This Mist might be the most overpowered unit I’ve ever had in HoF.
Unit builder because my phone is having issues taking screenshots.


Finally beat Floor 25 with this team:

Alas, I had Arthur-grade luck regarding Armored March, hence the empty Cs on both armors.

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