Hall of Forms - April 2022 (Gaiden/SoV)

Haven’t seen a thread so here we go

Here’s our lineup (I’ve also included base kits to hopefully avoid skill overlap):

Valentine Rudolf

Soiree Rinea


SoV Catria

New skills available via @LadyLuna :

Do you plan on forma’ing anyone?

  • Yes
  • No

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If yes, who?

  • Rudolf
  • Rinea
  • Python
  • Catria

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Feel free to discuss and share builds!


honestly I think I might get either Rinea or Rudolf
Rinea just so I dont have to waste feathers to pair her up with Berkut and Rudolf cause hes a fuckin’ wall and I want more Save Units so I can choose more :catdance:
dunno builds yet I’ll create some on the fly :catdestroy:


Rinea could use an updated kit, but I don’t know if it’s worth a Forma and Python could as well, but his need isn’t as pressing as his budget kit has been fairly sufficient. I might workshop some ideas and see what I can get for them when they drop, but for now the answer is no.


Python is one I’m kind of considering if only because… well…


But I’ll just see how it goes. Don’t really have a pressing need for him because my Celicas and Genny have been crushing every Valentia LHB


Dis cuz I already have flow fodder.

Oh… And roll 4 Ninja Katana cuz why not.


Rinea or python.

Need something to throw my feathers at before I start my Hilda merge project and I’ve always wanted to make an offensive rinea build.


I’m definitely going to try for Rudolf. I need a dedicated near save tank and I really do love him as a character. (Lord of a Dead Empire sits as one of my favorite FE songs). He’ll be fighting alongside Alm and Sonya in my AR and SD teams for some theme team fun.

I’ll probably go CD4, slick fighter/hardy, and atk/def near save. I dont care too much about the assists or special as I’m going to use low rarity options anyways. So long as I get a save skill I should be okay.

Thankfully the seasonal armors have been having amazing refines. Rudolf has a pretty good weapon at base. While it’s a strict downgrade to Bector, he should be pretty usable following a refine in a month or two.


Depends on which skills they get. I have a +10 Python already, so he’s the most likely for me. If I got a Hardy Fighter Save setup on Rudolf, that would be great (he has Slaying on his weapon). Rinea would be nice, but she’s lower priority. V!Catria is interesting with her true damage, so she might be a good B!Alm/L!Nanna-style flier.


I wanted to Forma Catria for the easy merge, but I can’t really think of many - if any - skills she really wants that mine doesn’t already have.

I mean…maybe Ruptured Sky, but that’s about it.

So I may try and get Rinea as a Forma. I like Rinea as a character, and never had an incentive beyond that to invest in her before now.


I’ll try for the SD build for Rudolf.

Besides that, Catria might be interesting to get if I have the torches to spare and she ends up being nice.


After seeing Pheonixmaster1’s reviews, Rudolf seems to be the better option because of this.

Still, I got lots of Fjorm off focus and can give Hardy Fighter + A/R Far Save to Brave Hector, so I’m not really sure if I’m gonna spend a forma soul.


Good point about the seasonal armors. I went for H. Myrrh and even though she’s only +1, she puts in work! Granted, it’s a gamble since Hardin arguably got done dirty with his refine compared to Hector.

I think I’m gonna go for him either way. It’ll be nice to add Papa Rudy to the collection at the very least.

Same here. She might be outclassed by other dancers but few of them come close to that precious smile. :feh_rinea_smile:


That last bit about the true damage is so true. Every time I see a sword flier I automatically think, “are they better than SoV Palla?” And normally the answer is no. But with a refine she could be a very strong melee nuke. Gonna have to reconsider her


gonna try making a near save rudolf :feh_almdab:


I’m thinking maybe I should go for something like this.

(Shown here including stat boosts from Altina, Reginn, and Naga.)

Gives her good utility as a debuff soaker from towers or as an offensive bruiser with a good deal of self-sustain thanks to Drifting Grace, though she could also run Push instead if I wanted to use her more offensively than supportively. Could also swap her B-skill for a Cantrip or a Dance-buff skill or something.


Can I learn that power?


Those are some satisfyingly even numbers. :+1:


If I manage to get ninja Yumi, deadeye, atk/spd catch and atk/def far trace I will be spending a forma soul on Python, I already have been merging one but he uses a plegian skillset with the smokes, lull and atk/spd solo but he can be improved a lot and easily.


Probably something like this. I already have a +10 spd built brave bow Python and I really enjoy using him, so I imagine Ninja Yumi will be even more insane. Either JDA in C for general use or fatal smoke & firesweep combo for ARD.


Tbh this HoF roster strikes me as very solid all-around but nothing that I consider a must-have.

I could potentially consider Rudolf if I get a good build for him. I think I’ll aim for a Near Save build.

The idea of a dedicated dancer for SD-S with Even Pulse Tie and JDA/Joint Distant Guard is also tempting. She’s the only dancer from SoV and could find a place in a team with S!Sonya, supporting someone like V!Lucina or V!Robin with her distant drive tome and JDG. The thing is I don’t have V!Robin and I lack any far save fodder to give to V!Lucina, I don’t love the idea of giving a far save build to Rudolf.

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