Hall of Forms - Dancer edition (mostly)

Okay if this is an existing thread that I yet again missed, change the stupid name to something relevant that I can actually find, and I’ll delete this. It should have been posted here by now, but just in case it wasn’t.


Julia + 3 dancers, guess that’s all you need.

There’s some pretty good forma options here. Curtains Eldigan, Temari Lachesis, Ethlyn with her decent offenses. Julia’s the one I want most but I really don’t know what skills she’d want, now that I actually think about it.


Actually super hype that Fallen Julia is here.

I got like 6 manuals + 1 Neutral Julia so that gives me an excuse to get this one. :feh_royyes:


Dancers are always good options but I don’t see as much value as the newer dancers with duo harm shenanigans or even F Ninjan. Except maybe a lethality build on the two ninjas but they are also fliers so no pulsing, and Eldigan fans that like him in ARD for new skill sets.

Julia could be interesting also depending on the skills, and she can’t be toooo far away from a refine, like a year maybe at most?

Not too excited here, as usual. I’ll think these options over. I’ve got enough souls for it at 8.


F-Julia is a mid Book IV unit; we’re not even to the Book III Fallens yet so it’ll probably be more than a year. That said, her Prf is still pretty damn good, so I’d say she’s still a solid investment


Yes, Solo Guaranteed Follow-Up is still very strong. Even with base kit, she’s strong.


Yeah, I was being optimistic with her refine, I admit

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Dew this and you won’t regret it.


Okay that is pretty beautiful. You think investing that much in her Def is worth it?

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Yup. She’s gotta be solo for her guaranteed follow up so working on positioning for saves and support can be a bitch, and she came way before saves so making her tanky was the way to go.

Regardless of what her refine ends up being, Def loading won’t be a wasted prospect since it’s also investing in her Atk at the same time. AR menace gives her a +12/6/12 Atk/Def/Res stat swing so that’s #1. #2 is the A slot, Ideal grants those stats regardless of positioning so it’s better than Def solo for her imo. And obviously go for ruptured for her special because of how rare it is… But glimmer will almost always do more damage for her.

Put it this way… Pre-saves she was my omnitank and got me to T21 numerous times without using a bonus unit.


Good point about menace. Now that I think about it I actually did Atk Def catch with B Micaiah in HoF, and she is pretty awesome with it. I guess the same rule here applies. Don’t know why I forgot that until just now


Probably cuz you don’t play book 3 SD all day long lol but yes, just like B!Miccy Def loaded Angery Julia Def loaded you’ll have significantly less to worry about.

And she already come with res solo 4 so if you wanted to specialize her for Res you won’t need any other fodder for her.


Haha! No, I wish I’d kept Balm going early on instead of switching to Dagr. But it’s all good lol. I might dust her off again, but S and R are enough to keep me frustrated for now

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Book 3 is hilarious. SDS/R is worthless. I just fought a black fang theme team. It was fun… Watching L!Eph solo it with Nagi chilling behind him.

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I’m pretty excited by FJulia. I got 5 copies of her throughout the years, so investing in her is tempting. I might go a Stance + NCD + Time’s Pulse/Pulse smoke build, but the ideal + menace looks tempting too.

Then there’s DEldigan who I never build but always wanted to (how does Fort Def/Res + A/D Near Trace + Atk/Def Rein looks like??), and DLachesis/DEthlyn that could run Ouch Pouch + Lethality for funcies. Pretty happy with the line-up.

(Although Arden would have made this a lot better).


Undecided on if I want to keep her +Atk yet. Null FU probably won’t get used much but it’s always nice to have on hand these days.

Ethlyn will probably be pretty standard. Trace, Rein and Lethality are obvious choices, but Daggers are a different story. The only other offensive Daggers she might want (Quick Dagger and Barb Shuriken) are both on demotes.


Already got enough dancers, and again, y’all know how I refuse to invest in Fallen units.

So, it’s an easy skip for me. NEXT!


think i might forma eldigan and go with an atk/def unity + near trace + jda setup :feh_eirikathink:

and then +10 him afterwards, except i’m very low on feathers so it’ll take a while


Curtains eldigan is tempting but I’d rather use OG Azura and the rooms manual for that. I might wait to see if she is in her story’s HoF before I give her curtains, tho.

Don’t get me started about the ridiculousness of not having dancer refines.

Which dagger should Lachesis get? I’m thinking dragonslasher because hardy bearing is useful in SD and her res is good for fighting dragon wall. Then again, in SD she’s probably using temari. Alternatives include broadleaf, splashy bucket, that anti-cav one Julian and dancing Xander have, and…not sure what else.

I’m going tempest + trace on Eldigan. Mainly need to figure out his A-slot and whether I prefer even or odd (especially in SD).

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