Hall of Forms for October 2020 (back half)

Here we go via Reddit:

Adrift Camilla, Adrift M Corrin, Adrift F Corrin, Dancer Xander.

Not my cup of tea and no grails, so another forma soul saved for down the road for me personally.


Said this on the other thread, but I’d probably forma soul the AF!Corrin if the soul packs weren’t so expensive lol :catroll:


I’m only not disappointed because I’m riding the Brave Lucina high. It was a crappy 3 months before that, or perhaps the trend will continue of another 3 months without grails or 3-4*


I’m torn between AF!Corrin and HS!Xander. Green is my least populated Dragon color, but I do love me some offensive Dancers and Close Foil is just staring me right in the face for him


Yawn… Another snooze fest


Hoshidan Summer Dancer Xander looks tempting. I might be able to use him in AR-D.


You know me imma forma that Adrift F.Corrin, it’ll get her to +3, and I can get some really nice skills for her, maybe DC, Lull Spd/Res. Its only sad that the Halloween skills won’t be in it cuz I wouldn’t mind giving Dheginsea weapon to her


well, at least the adrift corrins are pretty strong offensive units. we shouldn’t run into any problems with that.

A!M!Corrin is my baby I NEED him and is already +3 so might as well build him up

A!F!Corrin is cute too tho so maybe if I get her good shii

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I’m pretty happy with Adrift F!Corrin. I like her a lot, and I’ve gotten a few merges on her just by happenstance over the last two years, but haven’t really given her premium fodder. I’m looking forward to getting some great skills and rolling with that. I think it’s a solid pick overall. Though no grail units is kinda funny, considering how many options Fates had…


Even discounting Grail units, the HoF choices aren’t as varied as they could have been. Three Adrift units, with both Corrins. Why? They literally have the same prf and their stats aren’t all that different from each other



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While that’s true, I guess I’m not sure what alternative they would’ve gone with that’s considered better. Both Corrins were going to be here, but they definitely aren’t giving out the Fallen alts, and the base alts would be lame. The Summer and New Years ones could’ve happened, but they’re also pretty outdated and extremely niche picks, while Adrift is a bit more…appreciated? It’s a middle ground of sorts. They’re good alts, but not so good that they’re giving us top meta picks. I’m just glad we got a Dancer alongside this, because boy are we gonna need it.

Is this true?!

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Yeah she’s super fun to use. Maybe grab DC and a lull or NFU or something, pulse/panic smoke or joint drive something, duel rally and blue flame, pretty nice :feh_nino:

I’m creaming my pants rn…

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HoF Kinda weak for me ; huge skip.

Even with Forma skills available, there’s no need ; mine is already pretty stacked in terms of skills :


Yeah, yours is stacked, for only $30 you can give her blue stars though, very worth.


I’d have to waste Trait Fruits to give her back +Atk, and those are much better used on Grail Units.