Hall of Forms future question

I really like to put “question” in my titles here huh

Anyway, I now have 2 forma souls because of sparking on the Nifl banner, so I have 2 Forma Souls (the free one and this one I just got), how long until we get a PoR/RD HoF? I’m thinking of maybe saving both my souls for those (or maybe only one since I really like this Ursula I built in there)


Right now we’re on Blazing Blade HoF, so next should be Sacred Stones, and then PoR

So 2 months

RD’s HoF will be a month after PoR’s


Oh so it goes in game order, I never play HoF so I’m not aware of this stuff

Thanks, I’m gonna see who is on this SS HoF before getting the Ursula I have, my hopes are either Lute or Amelia (or Duessel, but he already has a pretty good build)


praying for H!Myrrh, H!L’Arachel, S!Marisa, and S!Lute


If it’s H!Myrrh, there goes my only soul.

Easy merge and I can get some more premium skills I’m missing


Same. Aether, Atk/Def Ideal, Crafty fighter, Atk/Def Save here we come! (Hopefully)

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Bought this guy a little while back bc I was tempted to give her Crafty, but since HoF got brought up I’ve been saving him just in case. Mostly wishing for Crafty and Atk/Def Near since she already has most of what I want though Atk/Def Ideal does sound nice for her. Not sure what else I could get for Special (maybe Dual Rally on assist) and Blackfire Breath too bc why not.

Shame she can’t get Stride, otherwise I’d also want that for her

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Blackfire is a great choice too since armors can’t get lulls. I’d probably just stich with spirit breath but when in Rome…

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