Hall of Forms is a scam

The latest HoF has a dancer unit that didn’t come with the dance skill, which was weird because all dancers come with it at level 1, no matter 1 star or 5 star. If you are unlucky like me, all you ever see are Rally skills. I can’t help but think that my torches could have been spent rolling on other things, because this dance/sing skill should already be on a dancer/singer unit. But then again, on other units i only ever see sabotage skills on low res units, boots skills, seals and more rallys.

So as we know, the skills RNG part is pretty much like a lucky draw: You are shown expensive cars, mobile phones as possible rewards, but chances are you will draw toasters and fancy mugs. Too bad they say, better luck next time they say. But wait, you cant even keep what you draw either. To do that, you have to pay the price equivalent to that of a big house.

Why do people spend money on this again?

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Me who got Dance on my first skill for her


They don’t, most of us at least don’t :feh_rinea_smile:


You are saying all this as if we are promised something and have to pay in order to play this mode.


Sir this is a Gwendy’s.


It is admittedly dumb that the dancer doesnt have dance pre-equipped and so far it feels really rare in thr skill rolls


Well of you are going to buy orbs the soul pack has the best $$$ to orb ratio outside of the monthly special I believe, and that’s not even counting the soul.


lol i got wings of mercy and as an assist the best i got was smite atleast if a unit is in danger i can save someone


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RNG can be rude :catroll:
No Sing on Bridal Ninian to begin with is odd, but oh well. It’s not the end of the world.
And you’ll automatically be able to learn Sing if you decide to use a Forma Soul on Ninian. Forma units always get to learn their normal base kit, as well as the skills you gave them. So you probably want an expensive dual rally over Sing. :feh_legion:


I got dance on my first roll lol


Wish that were me.


Holy ravioli calm down

Dance is considered a prf so you’ll have a higher chance of getting it. And yeah maybe you got unlucky but you don’t need dance for hall of forms. Almost every hall of forms before this one had a mediocre or trash unit that needed to be carried so what’s different about this one? Also Ninian is still viable without dance because she targets res which a lot of melee units lack.

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Took me 4 tries, so yeah I feel you

so its begins!

Why do people spend money on the game period?

Buying Orbs isn’t gonna give you a guarantee when it comes to getting a unit you actually want aside from the specific packs like Black Knight or some of the seasonal ones, yet people still do it.

I’m a bit confused by the point of this question, not gonna lie.

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Took me exactly one try to get dance. I’m going to merge my existing ninian (which has triple distant guard) into this one.

Not only will she look great with the blue border but she is fine as a neutral unit and she’s getting wicked skills in the A and B slot so I’m not sure what the problem is

I got dance my second battle. Chill dude.

I understand the frustration of having a typical dancer unit and having to RNG for the Dance skill. It just adds additional possible aggravation on top of a game mode that is already extremely RNG dependent relative to other game modes. IS arguably made the mode important by putting Divine Codes as rewards in basically every chamber. So every torch/stamina counts. If you have to spend extra stamina/torches just to attain something that seems like it should be simple to get, that perception is going to sour your opinion on the mode overall.

I’d argue that IS dangling the Formal Soul pack in front of us is even more of a scam, tbh. Especially with no way to get IVs for the chosen Formas and no way to inherit skills from them. But even then, one way or another they got us playing the mode heavily and thus keeping us as routine players who continue to play the game, so it’s a win for them no matter what.

For you and

you and others who ask this question:

People spend money on this game because they deserve that a game like this (who has to pay for artists, voice actors, developers, etc) should be supported - or tell IS that Fire Emblem (as a whole) has financial backing, thus giving us a really good game, and ideally more Fire Emblem stuff in the west. - I’ve also bought monthly packs ( etc, usually equipped with feedback, etc) thanking them for the stuff that we DO get as F2P players for the most part. sometimes its so you can try to get as many 5*s (guaranteed want aside), sometimes you get hosed, but i will never, ever understand why people still question why some people spend money on this game. (as if - if no one spent money, this game would have lasted 4 years. if people didn’t spend money we wouldn’t have the game).

now to continue

You don’t need dance. this is the first dancer we’ve had in HOF and i’m pretty sure everyone got along without one thus far. (to be fair, i got dance on the first try. provided if my Ninian gets GREAT stuff - distant guard, silver goblet (orders something) she’s gonna stay where she is as i’d rather build Fiora for options later. I’m pretty sure you will get dance eventually and if you don’t while that is pooptastic, maybe try some other fun builds. Last month I kept getting Spd based stuff for Cecilia. What is she gonna do with Daring Fighter? and the lethal carrort with a spd refine. I don’t know - but i laughed and made it work until i got a good option instead, not cop a fit.

well people were playing this before - and i know a lot of people were wishing they could keep the units that they built. like. sometimes i don’t think IS can win anything. if they do something fun. it’s “Why.” if they make it so you can keep the fun thing. it’s “a scam.” like honestly, you get to get a pretty decent unit with really good skills, that you can keep and merge up - and the only downside is that you can’t get a stacked unit and not fodder them off. well like duh. I can only speak for me, but i would take that trade off every day of the week. (even if it was a unit that i had a great IV for)