Hall of Forms is too easy now

I’m honestly not trying to brag or anything, but it’s so easy to complete HoF on the first day now. I guess it’s because IS wants to give us more time to deck out our Forma units with premium skills so we’ll buy them. Still, it kind of takes away from the enjoyment.


Well tbf the only reason it’s a lot easier now is due to the increase of torches you get on the early floors


Having good units is also making it easier. Even with extra torches you wouldn’t be completing it as fast if we were given 2 fragile ranged dances, a fragile healer and Oliver.


I’d rather have it easier and have more chances to get the skills I want, they better make those 30$ forma souls worth it


When wasnt HoF easy like for real


Tbf, not all HoF are easy, the Winter SS HoF from what I remember was infamous for being really annoying due to Bow Hinoka being a relatively common enemy in HoF and it was an all Armored HoF. But yah the majority of the time it’s really easy

Edit: It was 2 Armored and 2 Fliers, but still doesn’t change much when it comes to Bow Hinoka


When they threw shit like this at you

I will never forget these 60+ effective Spd monstrosities and how you were virtually forced to refresh the chambers if one showed up

By the way no one’s forcing you guys to do HoF in one day

Ya’ll are just impatient


So it wasn’t just my cognitive biases? I thought half the bow units I saw were bow Hinoka and I was wtf-ing because I was trying to optimize an Altena.

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Bow Hinoka is just for some reason a very common unit in HoF in general (especially during that Summer/Winter SS HoF)… but a unit that I have been seeing a ton of in HoF now after refine is Sumia, and the past few HoF I’ve mostly been focusing on a Red unit


I honestly feel like IS put their TT algorithm into HoF to make the most cancer units to your team more prevalent

I mean at the end of the day it’s just random spawns… Just that some units tend to spawn in more commonly than others

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I wonder if it’s because HoF uses newer maps while only using older units as enemies where ranged flyers are more common. Since there are not many units to fulfil a ranged flyer slot on many of the seasonal maps, this pleasure falls to our favorite bow flyer. Might totally be wrong though.


From what I have seen that I can at least remember HoF has upto book 2 units, it might have book 3 units also but looking at all of the maps that I have right now (I’m done with my runs for the day) the latest units that I have showing up are the Adrift units which was Nov '18, but im sure you are able to run into the later Gen units also much like in TT but I could be wrong, but if the foes in HoF are only from books 1-2 then that’s another big reason why Bow Hinoka is very common since the way the game spawns random units are based on the map, each map as a selection of weapon range + movement type that it selects from, the game will never spawn in a seasonal, legendary, Mythic as a random unit, so that cuts a lot of ranged Fliers out of the spawning table only leaving in Bow Hinoka, Fly Nino, Adrift Camilla, and F.Morgan. B.Micaiah would be on the list but she’s book 3

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It wasn’t easy when we were forced to use Winter Eirika in HoF. Seriously, armour staff unit with low speed just doesn’t work. She needs help in like… everything. Complete wheelchair unit.


Okay but Oliver was a CARRY in that HoF

As someone who takes their time with it anyway, it doesn’t bother me and hasn’t had much of an affect on my enjoyment. If anything, the extra torch recharges makes me feel better about missing a day or two if I’m busy or don’t feel like playing. I get what you’re saying, though. From my perspective, I don’t think they’re giving the extra torches to help you 100% the HoF quicker or on the first day rather than the second, even if they know people will speedrun it. I think it’s simply to give more chances for the skills you want to grab.