[Hall of Forms] Jul/2020 --- post your final Forma!

[Hall of Forms] — Jul/2020

Post your final Forma

Feel free to share your final Forma.
Seeing that the event ends in ~20h, remember to use your last points of stamina.

Mine are here:

W!Ephraim was like the sponge of so many speed centric skills, as a result of that his kit is a tad wack.
I also used Sm!Tana as bait sometimes, getting the first KO even when she was finished…also that I’ve lost quite a few times, this batch has been more rough than previous ones.
The build on Sm!Innes didn’t end as good as I’d have hoped to, this game mode lately throws a lot of area-of-effect specials and {rally} skills.
But still, I was able to finish the event the other day :fgo_ereshwoah: I’ve been tweaking everyone’s kits but the RNG didn’t feel much like cooperating :feh_byleeeth:


Tana changed a little bit but I can’t be bothered to post the new one

Somehow managed to clear chamber 25 with this ragtag bunch

The number of times Innes saw a Sabotage Skill for his B slot was downright ABSURD!!!

Eph’s only non-defensive/AOE special I ever got was Iceberg or Glacies, and again never saw a Fighter skill B slot.


I gave him so many skills, not one had armored march.

Same for his sister.
Regardless I did floor 25.

Literally only healed

I just wanted an armor movement skill (and bonfire)

Rally bot

Useless until he soloed the final map

This HoF sucked.

did a lot of killin

armor march bot/couldve used a special

f u nagi

stall wall

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I’m A Healer But...

The Only Specials I Want to Get Are AOEs

Buff Bot

Repo Bot

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+5 with a full kit… I’m going to cast doubt here
I see you too got the Iceberg Special Spiral Ephraim

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I really couldn’t be bothered this time around

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Only one I focused on since I’m not a fan of armors and I could really use another merge for her:

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I’m sure you can guess who carried me in this one. I tried to get him armor stride, but it and march seem stupidly rare. On the bright side, I surprisingly managed to beat every one. Out of torches now so this is how they ended up.

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Everyone but Eirika did a lot of work, though physic did help sometimes.

I’m probably gonna be getting worse S!Byleth as my forma soul pick.

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Innes - he still has silver Axe, I had very bad luck with him, he ended up being a guider for Eirika

Tana - Better skills than Innes but same role. She was too frail in the last difficulties

Ephraim - he did his best as a wall and as a bait tbh, I forgot to give him an A skill

Eirika aka MVP and probably a Forma

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All from trying to get Armor March by having her get kills in the easy maps.

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I was able to get all the skills I wanted for her, I think I am going to use the forma I have. I like unique types and I need more Fe8 units for the new modes.

She has witchy wand, a balm and physics for those who don’t speak spanish.


This is what my Forma Soul is being used on. I had Armor March before, but went with the Threaten because of how rare it is. It’s too bad we can’t keep merges. If we could, I bet everyone would get Forma Souls.


The only one that matters to me, since I’m claiming her via Forma Soul:

Ideally I would’ve preferred Sturdy Impact in A slot, but otherwise quite pleased with the final result. :feh_ceciliaculture:


Eirika got some pretty good stuff, except the weapon but you know. Ephraim if you couldn’t tell got like no skills and it was aids.

The only change was finishing up Eirika’s build. I decided a bit too late that I wanted a different staff on her but didn’t get any luck. I’m still happy with the results though

Nothing noteworthy