Hall of Forms — Sacred Stones

So IS pulled a rop-a-dop on us by telling us TMS and then dropping SS for the HoF. I didn’t see anyone build this subject (under a common-sense title name), so here you go.

Who are you guys going for?

F Lyon is temping because I have so many and he will eventually get a refine, and while his tome is outdated, the DR in it is still pretty good. He can’t so much as tank W Lysithea right now as a base unit, but there is potential with better skills and a better refine.

And then La’Rachel I will undoubtedly go for, even if only for a merge. I use her in ARD, and anything to bulk her up even more and get that disrupt going is a bonus in my book.

I like Selena also, but let’s face it, 3 souls in a session is way too many, let alone 2.

Who are you guys going for?


Might just get Lyon because he’s avoided me so many times thus far. Selena would be nice too but probably not.

Might just skip it all together. With reruns coming up and and the potential to use Forma on already bought souls I’m going to be saving(Even if buying multiple isn’t too far out) for a select few units. If the game refuses to give me Sonya merges I’ll get that girl to +10 on Forma alone.


No they didn’t, the TMS rerun is after the October update

Anyway this batch is hugely disappointing for me. I had been hoping SO HARD for Mininess so I could get my final merge and fodder but they had to go with the stupidly hard to merge L’Arachel instead. SIGH.


There’s some potential here


It’s normal Selena, not Summer

But the same build could still work


Since my Seth got himself an Arcane toy to play with (even if he looks stupid with it) my SS lineup is pretty good so its an easy pass on them for me.

Aaaah ok. Well yeah, basically the same unit but blue actually has flow built in so she’s a bit more potent.

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I was hoping for Summer Selena and GHB Joshua… somehow IS got the memo wrong and made it worst for us.

Baby L’Arachel is tempting but I have a +Atk/-Def (perfect IV imo) so Idk… might give it some thought.
F!Lyon could be another option for me. I have him at neutral+0 with TA3 on A, and he usually performs his role on AR-O without issues, but he could use some premium fodder.
Selena I have +Spd/-Def and I’ve already given her Windsweep, so no.
Summer Joshua I have +Atk/-HP with basekit. I was giving it some thought but decided against it, and then thinking again… Whitecap Bow+, Deadeye, FB4, Spd/Def Tempo 3, Time’s Pulse… it’s really tempting.


L’arachel definitely. I need her to complete my staff collection and I was overjoyed when they announced L’arachel as a forma unit.

Regardless of the skills I get, she will be my choice.


It’s kind of a weird scenario for me. I already have Fallen Lyon at +10, but I’m unsure if I should get the forma Lyon so I can get other fodder that my current lyon doesn’t have. But I don’t know if it’s worth my forma.

Y!L’arachel for sure. Her utility is valuable and I will use a forma for it.

A year or two ago I wouldn’t hesitate to forma F!Lyon since NCD is so rare. Now I have come across a few more so I’m not sure … especially with HoF revival being a thing now so I need to cut back on spending souls. I will probably still get him since I don’t have a well invested green NCD unit … it sucks though because his seal slot is basically married to QR3 (for anti-cav team).


Fair enough. I just assumed because, you know, it’s kinda weird to jump out there when the update just happened to coincide with when the usual next HoF info is released.

So, I’ll take the hit for not reading. IS can take the hit for breaking trend and expectations.

And yeah, I concede Y Innes would’ve been amazing. Mine is +10 already and full of stuff, but I wouldn’t mind more on him. I never did give him a fruit either, so that wouldn’t be a loss.

IS always shocks me so take this with a grain of salt, but I want to say I’d be shocked if F Lyon’s refine doesn’t include a QR like his other version(s)

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Will Finish be available? I thought It’d be another month or so, but hey, that just means a sooner than expected release of Jeralt for me!

Nope, no Finish yet

(It is nice that the Twitter started releasing these because every month people ask “Is this skill gonna be there?”)


DIdn’t think so, but thanks for the evidence.

Kinda neat to see Bulwark and Oath 4 joining the batch. Thought not applicable to the ones I am after.

is atk/res tempo going to be in this hof? because my build for him will be almost the exact same but i might put bracing stance in his a slot

Already linked all the new skills being added. As Atk/Res Tempo was on last month’s L-Deirdre, it should be in the HOF for next month


ok, that changes things slightly but not too much


This could be a fun summer joshua build

Hopefully they do a bow close counter seal or something