Hall of Forms - Sept (Radiant Dawn)?

I know I’m jumping ahead but look at the amazing potential characters with this banner! Maybe because I like the beasts — and there is a good chance there won’t even be beasts, but it will probably be R/B Micaiah, Sothe among the front runners. Probably not an Ike but it is possible.

What if we get a mythic like Yune? That would be… wow. Too good to be true I think.

But even if IS gives us the worst units on here,I think there are some gems that will shine. If they stick to not including villain like characters, I think that eliminates Zelgius and Oliver?

Sanaki might be the only stinker on this one at first glance. Not excited about Haar, but at least he is grail.

Speaking of grail: Haar, Oliver, and ftw: Naesala! These are the only three I believe.

R or B Micaiah, Sothe, Naesala and Reyson would be the best for me but the worst because unlike sacred stones where I wanted 0/4, I would want 4/4 on this one. Hardest part will be deciding.

My random thoughts for the day. If your like me and got an extra soul in your pocket, may wanna hold on to it.

But…IS knows this too so be prepared for anything.

PS Ignore the black! I’m not a whale after all :) I’m sure one of you dudes/chickies out there has all of these guys


I’m expecting to see Micaiah either OG or Brave, Sothe, Mordi, and one of the Grail units honestly… I don’t really see them giving use Lion King Mufasa or Tibarn… and especially not Fallen Ike. It’s still kinda bit early for the Bridal Alt’s, they don’t give use M/L units so that cuts out L.Ike, Altina, and Yune… if anything Sothe will probably get replaced by Halloween Mia


They separated Gothw and thraccia, iirc, so that may mean that every unit cataloged as “radiant dawn” won’t come next time, because they should go for Path of Radiance first. But we won’t know until it happens.


I think you are dead on. I consider IS may not wanna give out broadleaf Sothis so it could be H Mia, plus it satisfies a healer bucket. Also not seeing Tibs, maybe Cainenghis but doubtful, and Mordecai is a realistic — and great — possibility

Sticking to CYL trends, not expecting CYL 2 B Micaiah yet, definitely not bridal, especially since she alreayd comes so stacked anyway.

Like and Yuma maybe but I feel it’ll be groundbreaking since like you said we haven’t seen L/M yet.

@Yberus Yeah I’m leapfrogging PoR here admittedly. I’m less excited about that one next month, but I might see some units I like. I was disappointed no Myrrh of any kind this last one for SS.


It still surprises me they haven’t did at least a Legendary unit… I mean they show them on the home screen for the game mode for F sakes and still not a single 1


:sos: I misread the title! it’s 3 am here and Im dumb every hour of the day, sorry :pray:t2:

My biggest hope for the RD one is either Summer Rhys or Oliver (I only need 5 copies of him rn, so I am considering building him despite how much i dislike some of the jokes about him lol)

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Imagine Duos start appearing in HoF
That would be wild


They tend to give gen 1 units, so I actually don’t think we’ll get B!Micaiah. I see them doing normal Micaiah though, maybe Sanaki and Sothe as well as a grail unit my mind is blanking on grail units rn, but I’m sure there’s one they could use


I doubt Rhys will be on it… it’s still too early for him hell he will pretty much just been added to the Grail shop when this one comes… Oliver on the other hand it’s pretty likely he will be on it

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but you have to buy a $200 that only gives you 60 orbs

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It does beg the question though…

Since we have some units in Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn that got Resplendents ( OG!Ike and Sanaki), if they do a HoF featuring either of the two, will they show up as Resplendents if you DO have them in your barracks, or will they be normal considering this is a ‘game mode’ separate from the barracks?



What would Beasts have for their weapon slot after you teach them their prf? That alone tells me beasts are not happening until IS gives them inheritable weapon options (it really wouldn’t be hard to do…)

Sample inheritable idea for beast weapons (for halloween): Haunted Claw+

If Unit has a bonus gains Null Follow-up. If adjacent to only beasts or dragons or not adjacent to anyone transforms else reverts. If Transformed gains +2 to stats during combat.

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Lol it’s all good, no sweat at all.

I did discount Rhys admittedly, but for the reason you mention. So technically 4 possible grails with him as the most doubtful.

Was Oliver an antagonist? We have yet to have one in the HoF which is why I discounted him, but I haven’t played the game. If he helped the main character, he could be up.

And yeah, I think some of the earlier legendaries could be up at bat sooner than we realize

I really wanna see beasts, like dragons, with +claws/beak/whatever, that are inheritable

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Probably only as a resplendent if you bought them


Honestly, I’ll be happy as long as we get a good grail unit this time. I skipped Sacred Stones, because I don’t see much use for a unit I can’t fodder and don’t have the option to build up easily. My ideal would be V!Titania, Sigrun, or Naesala. I doubt they’d give Ashnard this early, so really I just don’t want Oliver. At all.


Grail possibilities if they split the games which I believe they will:

PoR: V Titania, Rolf, Ashnard, Sigrun, BK

RD: Naesala, Oliver, Haar, Rhys

Some much less likely than others…

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If they do split it, Naesala has a really good chance on Radiant Dawn. Micaiah, Sanaki, Naesala, Sothe is definitely possible. Though it could just as easily be Sigrun with Sanaki.

Path of Radiance, to me, feels almost guaranteed to be V!Titania. It’s more likely to center around Ike, and I can’t see them partnering him with Ashnard or Black Knight. Sigrun and Rolf are possible, but Rolf isn’t a particularly prominent mercenary like Titania, and Sigrun isn’t all that associated with Ike’s group compared to Sanaki’s.

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For RD, probably Naesala, OG Lethe, Dancer Micaiah (others would be too powerful to offer up imo), and either Zelgius or Sothe. If Bike is in PoR, there shouldn’t be another Ike in the very next one.

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I never played either, so, Do you guys think Naesala was big enough in his game to be a potential, realistic candidate here?