Hall of Forms should have given us Combat Manuals

Seriously. A mode where you basically grind 4 units while testing out different builds should have had these as a reward. It’s a great way to give away “premium” fodder without giving out a free unit. (and still forcing us to summon on banners.)


Eh, people then would just focus on the super rare skills and ignore the rest. I think they did good on the new gamemode. Lets you use units that you normally don’t get to. Celica and Mae are fun to use with their Prfs and I haven’t gotten Boey’s to use but I imagine it’ll be fun like the other two.


Combat Manuals for PRFs :hridexcited:.

Tatics drills already does this but I see what you mean.

Eh? I meant as in you’d get 1 combat manual for each of the formas units when you complete the mode. (Not the ones you built, just manuals in generals) It’d be no different than tempest trials rewards. Plus depending on the rarity of the manual, people can either use them as skill fodder or merges.

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Going to be honest with you, I dislike Tactic Drills with a passion. It gives little to no freedom and that you have to solve a puzzle designed to screw you over.

“Yeah, lemmie just put my TA Blue mage with 8 defense in front of this Axe Armour unit to then get enough hits for Astra turn 7 while also making sure my Red Armour slayer doesn’t get involved so their own special activates only on turn 3 and 8… Because strategy”


I honestly have to agree with you on the limited freedom. Some maps have multiple ways to complete them but almost every single Grandmaster map is stupidly specific and has one way of completing them.

That aside, I just think that Hall of Forms is a missed opportunity for us to get rewards we wanna work for unlike some of the other modes that feel like grinding for…Arena medals? :unamused:.


i would be able to fodder blue flame AND keep my soul, so i support this