Hall of Forms skills for S!Fir

Didn’t see a topic for this HoF so decided to create this one.

I’m going to spend a forma on S!Fir and I got lucky enough to get most skills I wanted. But right now I just found A/S Catch 4 and Idk if it’s better than Sturdy Impact or Surge Sparrow.

Of all 3 of those A skills, which would be best for a PP focused build?

I’m going to merge her to +1 with the free manual we got a few months ago and I may use trait fruits for the +Spd superboon, so her Spd will be really high even without a spd boosting A skill like Sturdy Impact.


If you want to keep that ninja weapon I recommend Sturdy Impact, so she doesn’t get messed up by forced follow-ups. I ended up with Bun-Bun Baton, Surge Sparrow, Dive-Bomb and S/D Rein which makes her a very potent PP nuke :feh_ardenwoke:


Of those three skills, I’d stick with Study Impact if you’re using the cleaver. If the goal is to quad she’ll need help taking the counterattack. If after getting the soul, you plan on sticking with her Bun-Bun Baton and its Null-F, go with the catch as she she can then run available Windsweep or rare Dive-Bomb to get her two hits in safely so doesn’t need to worry about bulk.


I’m picking up Shuriken Cleaver+ just for the sake of variety. Is there any other recommended inheritable axe that’s more premium or better for her?

Afterwards I plan to equip the Bun-Bun Baton but even still I’m having a hard time picking the possible best A skill for her.

mine right now is this

I like surge sparrow for her. ad thankfully that was her first skills
the trace was a bear to get, but i wanted that or flow guard-I am thinking for her flow guard might be better because she can at least prevent specials from going off and getting hurt from the clapback.

and if i get Spd-Def rein that would be swapped i feel. (I was offered smoke 4 but i wanted the rein instead)

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Found Surge Sparrow today and didn’t hesitate much to take it :partying_face: I think it just works better with her prf weapon, and also with windsweep if I ever choose to go that route.

The rest of her kit is much the same. Found A/D Near Trace yesterday but decided against it, and still have her with S/D Near Trace + S/D Rein.

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I am just missing the s/d rein to finish her. I have a/d rein which works fine but she needs the spd nowadays. None of the good axes have shown to me so far but if by tomorrow’s tries I don’t get what I need I’ll have to stop with Fyr because I need to start building Guenivere in case that the next batch ends up being bad and Igrene already got the good stuff.

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Now that I’ve gotten all the skills I wanted for S!Fir I thought about giving Igrene or Guinivere a shot, but then I figured their basekits are already almost optimal for both of them.

Igrene could use Time’s Pulse for easier specials, Deadeye, Spd/Def Tempo/Lull, and A/S Ideal. But then again her kit is already solid and if you wanted Deadeye+TP that much, you can give her a Shinon and she’s done. Not really worthy of a forma soul imo.

Guinevere has a lot of good options for mixed/EP builds, but her basekit is already very strong, I would change her A skill for Unity or Ideal and maybe her B for NFU and she’s also done. A manual of B!Marianne or Louise would do the trick.


Guiny is my main target here, but Fir a possible secondary. I got Guiny done early with Atk Spd unity, NFU, and Spd smoke.

The C skill might be debatable but it’s hard turning the smokes down. I probably wouldn’t even forms her except her mage killer status and uniqueness is so appealing.

Fir, I’m still not getting much on right now lol, but she does have Atk Smoke. I think I’d rather have Spd smoke for her also, but I’m contemplating her possibilities with Atk.


Quick question: Should I try to get Spd Smoke 4 for S!Fir? Here’s her current build:

I already have optimal builds for Guinivere and Igrene, and S!Narcian still is at Lv24 with just his Silver Lance+… so optimizing S!Fir seems to be the only thing I could do for the remaining days :feh_maeconfused:

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Since T4 smokes work only after a round of combat, I would say go for them only if you’re trying to go for a mixed phase build, along with maybe a trace on B and a Catch skill on A.

Otherwise (if aiming for a PP build) I would aim for s/d rein or a/s menace.


I landed Spd Smoke 4 on Fir when I wanted it on Guinevere… And even just at +1, she’s done pretty exceptionally in the highest Halls. I know the HoF enemies aren’t the most meta or broken units in the game, but they do have inflated stats, or like maximum investment basically. And they get pretty threatening.

I’d say she’s good with Spd Smoke 4. And tbh, unless you have a long list of other units who need a rein skill more, then the rarity of Spd Smoke 4 is honestly enough to grab it. Fallen Lilina is so good, it’s tough to discard her. Whereas, Summer Claude, a 4☆ Focus unit you can get right now, or Ninja Lyn, Brave Claude, are all pretty easy to get. Lyn was in the first AHR banner and maybe you have extra copies if you pulled on that? She’s also coming back soon either way.
There’s no telling when Lilina will make returns. She’s more likely to be on a Dive Bomb banner than a Catch one as well.

It’s just the thing is, there are better fliers in general, who can use the skill better than her. Axe fliers especially though. Units with more defensive Prf’s abd higher defense. Spring Maria and Jill for example. Not just defense, but speed too. Which is just as important because the tanking still requires higher speed.
Without the flash effect, from healers or Nifl, etc, or Windsweep which subtracts from her offenses, you’re gonna have to take some damage before getting the DR. And you might die anyway. Null C also exists.

Tbh these 4 would be better options for Spd Smoke 4… Just the last 3 have slightly less res than her.

One spark of hope is that since she is a seasonal with a prf, If Spring Fir’s refine turns her into a stat ball and potentially in-combat debuffer on top of that, it could legitimately turn it into one of her BEST skills. Personally I’m hoping that’s the case so I can get the most use out of it, too.


Enter 64% DR beach mom :goat:

TBH I was a bit disappointed by F!Lilina’s F!Lilith’s combat results, despite sparking for her… but as you said, her defenses are just okay, so 40% DR won’t help her keeping the HP treshold for another Divebomb. S!Freyja on the other hand makes exceptional use of it, and she’s already a big stat ball from her prf skills alone. Just loving it! :feh_ardenwoke:

Thanks for the lengthy answer, I’ll try to get a lucky roll for Fir :feh_annawink:

Oh, and S!Maria with Speed Smoke 4 sounds genuinely disgusting :feh_ethlynlaugh:


I love how you BOTH mixed Lilina up with Lilith :fgo_bblaugh:

But yeah, I imagine an unmerged F-Lilith is only really useful for her NFU support, but I imagine a fully merged and invested one can be quite scary. I’d actually say Windsweep is the superior option on her over Dive Bomb, since then she doesn’t have to worry about HP thresholds


Whooops :feh_lucinasmug:

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I really did that xD
It’s like a yawn, it’s contagious lol my bad