Hall of Forms - Tharja or Nowi?

So, Awakening HoF is over now, and I want to show you guys my results and hopefully you’ll give me your opinion:



I didn’t use Inigo or Cordelia at all so they don’t have a single skill.
I’m still uncertain if I should use a Forma Soul on either of them, mainly because I don’t have them in my barracks so that makes them +0 after the forma. And even though I managed to get fairly good sets on both of them, I don’t think they will perform the best at +0 by todays standard.
Also, I have Morgan(M) at +10 and he’s just insane with his refine, so that makes Tharja redundant at best. Nowi could be fun in something like Summoners Duels thanks to her unique refine, but then there’s the new Cow unit that everybody has and practically gives all of your units the same “Guidance 4” ability.
So, what do you guys think?

Should I use a Forma Soul?
  • Tharja
  • Nowi
  • Wait until Fates’ HoF roster reveal
  • None of them

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I’m happy to read your thoughs on wether or not should I use the forma and give me your take on both sets. Thank you!

Neither of these units are spectacular, especially now that Ash is available to everyone and takes a big fat dump over Nowi’s niche. As of now, they are best used as support units with their passive debuffing. Also, as someone with a refined H-Nowi… I basically never use her.

Since you have an invested M-Morgan it would be much safer to wait until we see the Fates HoF.


Tana’s refine is the one who grants guidance 4 to everyone, Nowi has aerobatics 4 and can teleport like that no matter the team comp.

And seeing as how you have and use a highly invested Morgan, I’d wait since you said it yourself, he overrules Tharja.


I find it funny how people think Cowgirl invalidates Nowi, clearly they do not have experience with her. Her Weapon not only has grand movement shenanigans, but it also includes a self buff and a rein effect. In fact due to the 3 space rein of her weapon she can even compliment Ash’s C skill very nicely.

That said I’m not really sold on that build for Nowi so waiting is best.

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Thing is, an unmerged Nowi is still pretty shit as a combat unit by today’s standards, even with her refine

I’ve tried using mine in Arena Assault before and it is embarrassing how much she sucks. Of course, mine is also low investment. She SCREAMS for more Spd than what she has, and mine is +Spd.

So most of the time she has better value as a support unit, and if you’re going to use a supporter, I’d much rather use Ash

Nowi does have a small niche with Saves at least because she can stack her weapon with Reins, but then, so can WF-Hinoka

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In that case I can see why, and that’s largely a factor in my reason for telling the OP I’m not feeling the build they have on her. It feels more like a tank build, but if she’s going to be doubled not tanky enough.


I agree

The build has literally zero Spd skills in it. An unmerged neutral Nowi only has 40 effective Spd without any Spd help, and that does not cut it anymore against today’s speed demons

A lot of what’s slower than her has some form of follow up blocking, too


i use my +spd Nowi all the time, and i really enjoy her. using her is just fun, and you can find places to use her. because she has rein in her skill as well, she is also a good support unit for flying teams (which i tend to use all the time). and for the record - my Nowi is +0 too. (I basically ru her with fury/despo and she can get work done).

(I basically use her with my "Whee! I can go anywhere! team of Baby Tana, Ninja Igrene (her), and then an Air Orders Dancer Lachesis/Bride Shanna or something).

For me, I almost always wait until the reveal of the next line up. and/or if the unit in HoF got an incredible kit and it would be a crying shame to let that go. (OR if the unit would be brand new to me and got a great kit).

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I do believe H-Nowi is a unit that is more fun than she is actually good

Movement shenanigans are indeed fun and can be underrated, speaking as someone who’s used refined Fujin Yumi and Noatún, but Nowi’s Gen 1 stats hold her back quite a bit. I thought she’d be a good Resonant Battle unit with that crazy movement but. Nope. Her stats are just so low unmerged that she can’t really do much of anything to the bodyguards and she needs a lot of Spd help to double the thieves.

Now, value varies from person to person, but because Forma Souls are so hard to come by, but I don’t it’s worth using one on a “for fun” unit unless you really, really adore them (Like, I know S-Robin sucks these days, but I still would have totally Formaed her if she were an option)


Yeah both of them have it rough, I’m inclining towards none of them, which is a shame considering they have really good sets imo.

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This was my exact reasonning for going with an Atk/Res build + Sturdy Impact.
Her spd at neutral+0 is merely 32, and she only gets +8 spd from her weapon.

Let’s say I had 100 trait fruits to spare (on H!Nowi nonetheless) and extra blue DFs (let’s say +3). She would reach only 44 spd (not so different from 40) and with Atk/Spd Catch 4 (which I had, but changed to Sturdy Impact after much debating) or Atk/Spd Unity (didn’t find), she could reach between 49-53 Spd (actually quite good).

But is that trully what she needs? With her base stats, and being a “Fast” Flier Red Tome… What kind of opponents is she trying to counter? Greens, and decently well against Red and Colorless, right? Flier… not access to NFU/Lulls, so can she even secure KOs despite being fast? With so many units optimally dedicated to 2-range tanking (NFU/Save) it’s hard to say. And even if she can, will 1 hit be enough? Or can she survive the retaliation and then KO? Can she even double other fast units on her PP?

After many thoughs such as those, I came to the conclusion that her best A skill is Sturdy Impact, which at least could grant her some form of survival while still being fairly offensive, and dedicate the rest of her set on Atk/Res debuffs (-11/-11 total) making her somewhat of a 1 hit surprise flier nuke, with some decent chance of surviving a hit back, and possibly trigger WoM or other shenanigans.

Sorry for the long text btw, you had a really good observation and I felt like giving my thought process.


We now have the next HoF roster, so I’m making a reply on this post to see what you guys think about H!Nowi and B!Tharja with those particular sets.
Making it hidden in case some of you doesn’t want spoilers.

The up-coming HoF units
  • Spring Kagero (Prfless Flier Colorless dagger). We’ve had 1 free ephera manual.
  • Summer Camilla (Prfless Flier Blue tome).
  • Picnic Flora (Red dagger Armor). Good Prf.
  • Picnic Felicia (Axe Armor). Decent Prf. Fairly outclassed in her archetype.

I’m not super happy about any of these choices either. What do you guys think?

TBH I think Picnic Flora makes a better red than either Nowi or Tharja

As I mentioned before, Nowi and Tharja are largely outclassed as offensive units and are thus best used for support

Flora has a really good Res stat for Far Save purposes, her Prf is still pretty solid, and she is due for a refine in the next year

I’m strongly considering Formaing P-Flora myself. I really enjoy the one I have

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I also feel P!Flora is probably the best of the next HoF units.
But then I also feel she won’t be gainning much out of a forma. Her Prf dagger wants her to initiate combat and with her spd Bold Fighter easily becomes her best B slot. She also doesn’t strike me as the best save user, and she won’t gain much out of an inheritable dagger.
A and C slots are probably her best skills to inherit. Maybe something like Sturdy Impact+JDA and Lethality for her special.

It actually works on both phases

So she can use it defensively too. Particularly because it debuffs Atk

It combos extremely well with the dagger Smoke debuffs too because the effect is based on visible Res

Well, then she won’t be using her beast effectiveness.
Seems like forcing her into a role she doesn’t excel at.

This seems like a silly argument to me

People don’t used Sealed Falchion just for the dragon effectiveness, it’s just a helpful addition

P-Flora isn’t beating Fatalgard (basically the only beast commonly seen nowadays) one on one anyway without Guard help or someone else knocking away DR because instant Bonfire is a bitch

Flora also does not have much competition in the red Far Savior role. Pretty much just Duo Idunn and Henriette

Is she the best at it? Probably not, but she is an option. Heck, people turned W-Nino into a Far Savior…

Idk buddy… you may call me silly but I can’t help but feel P!Flora is better as a PP armor than as a savior 2 range tank.
It’s just what I can figure out of her base stats and kit.

Sealed Falchion and breaths are 1 range weapons, so I don’t see the comparison.

I am firmly in the “why not both” camp

Which is the main reason why I’m considering the Forma

Her base kit is already PP by nature, just needs Death Blow (armor cannot inherit Impacts)

If you only want her to be PP then the Forma will not be worth it for you. Lethality is not going to be in the Forma pool, remember the Volke banner ended just
yesterday and HoF pool won’t update with it until Bertram is added to the Grail pool

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Oh yeah that’s true… That’s a big shame :frowning:
I also didn’t realize Armors can’t inherit Impact skills.

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