Hall of Forms — Three Houses edition

With CYL celebration fast upon us, I thought it would be fun to discuss 3H options as there, like most games, are different routes they could take, even with a limited number of units. I expect more units and banner options to be added by then, but we also know most units are quite powerful as they didn’t exactly start off until generation 3 or so.

If it were to come out today, A) who would you expect but B) who would you want?

Let’s throw a semi-realistic “who do you want” in a poll, just for fun:

  • The God Class: M/F Byleth, Sothis, ?, ?
  • The Class Heads: M/F Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude
  • Black Eagles: Edelgard, Hubert, Bernie, Ferdinand/Petra
  • Blue Lions: MF Byleth, Dimitri, Annette, Mercedes
  • Golden Deers: MF Byleth, Claude, Lysethia, Hilda

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  1. The two ? In God Class imagine would be Edelgard and Dimitri as they are the most popular, but use your imagination. Even if Rhea were out, I doubt she would go here (be kinda cool tho). I would put Jeralt here for sure if he were out. His beard alone holds godlike powers imo.

  2. Also assuming OG units, though W Sothis or L Edelgard would rock. But see Flame Emp below

  3. Black Eagles: You could dump one to fit a Byleth on the team… it’s just all imagination here.

  4. I guess I could have fit Kronya, death knight, and especially Flame Emperor. We all know who FE is so that unit could substitute for the OG as weird as that might be. As for the first two, we haven’t really seen bad guys the first round of the respective games so I’m not expecting it here. Sorry, Kronya.


Guess I better talk since I created it. Really, these are all so powerful and I’m not sure how they can dummy them down unless they release a bunch more like Mercedes and Ferdinand at 3-4*.

A) Expect? Probably a Byleth plus the three kids (Claudelmitri)

B) Want? Probably the Class or the Black Eagles… is love to throw Repel on Edelgard, but building up Ferdinand would be a nice option as a f2p. This is harder than I thought because Lythesia and Annette need me.


Let’s be honest, they’re throwing severely stat inflated gen 4 units at us in HoF while we only get outdated gen 1/2 units, so having the 3H crew would be a nice change.


Yeah, I’m tired of the top 5 chambers with two armored units, one as a healer, and crappy skills so far. The only drawback about a gen 4 unit, if they ever do that, is they are usually pretty loaded with premium skills already, but it’ll make it easier and nicer to clear stages.


Hall of Forms tends to avoid more recent units since the value from a Forma Soul would be much higher than otherwise :thinking:
Normally it’s all 5* exclusives, with maybe a Grail Tempest Trails unit sprinkled in there. For some reason we didn’t get one this HoF, but we’ve had a TT Grail unit for the past few. However, Three Houses hasn’t had one of those, so it’ll probably just be 4 Gen 3 5*s.
I would assume it would probably be the three lords & Byleth, since that would be the most inclusive.


That’s my guess also about the 3 lords.

Not much for grails yet… I mean Ferdinand and Mercedes are 4*, and Kronya and death knight are grails but bad guys, and I don’t expect bad guys the first go around. Flame emperor… better chance than those two but still not expecting it this first HoF - 3H.

I also think since this (and a precious one if I recall… the Sigurd one) had all 5*, they aren’t scared to do that, so it is highly likely we will see that. Not guaranteed, but it is where I would put my money. Any 3H unit that comes out between now and then I would expect to be stupid powerful like they usually are, but that said they could do a Lions or Deers where they are relative strength compared to Petra and Hubert, ie not super impressive, and then they could be candidates.

Unless they do a classroom specific theme which I doubt, should be the three lords.


Personally when we do get one I hope Kronya is on it so I can give her the Blue Stars… tho FE could get it also… both are +10… they could also use the free food… other than them… I don’t even know… most units I’d much rather have Boon’s on them

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