Hall of Forms with a focus on Mareeta

I made this it’s own post because I always just write too much, honestly. You can check antsims93’s post if you want my not-so-in depth explanation as to why I have fatal smoke on Mareeta. I get it. Everyone on Reddit trashed the idea. But I don’t care. I will make use of it. I use her more than any other sword unit, even after getting Ayra and giving her DC + Ike’s A & B skills, Larcei forma, and having a ton of other swordmaster superunits. So trust me. I WILL get its worth and more.

I went farther in Hall of Forms than I ever have in the first few days, I think. I just beat Chamber 21 and I’m all out of stamina except for the 1 stamina refill. And these are the results so far.

Extra ish (going in many different directions): I’d have more skills or merges if I didn’t end up replacing so many skills, especially Tanya’s bow. Mareeta is the one I’m picking up, so I’m gonna focus on her more now. I could use a better B skill. Her A skill is a decent side option if I ever need it in a situation that doesn’t call for Distant Counter or Atk/Spd Solo. Brazen Atk/Spd 4 gives the highest stat bonus out of any other skills that she can inherit. We do have menace skills now. Part of me wished she wouldn’t be on a HoF until that was in the pool. I will never fodder off Fallen Female Morgan.
I grabbed Brazen 4 for my Olwen long ago and she does pretty okay with it whenever I feel like using her. She just isn’t super tanky. You know who is? Mareeta.

I’ve seen people say brazen atk/spd 4 sucks, but the threshold is a bit better and the stat boosts are much higher versus a solo 4 or push 4 giving just 1 or 2 extra points to each stat compared to the tier 3. And people still keep putting Brazen Atk/Spd 3 on their units despite this. And then we even use Celica’s Brazen refine.
To be honest, I think they were generous to give it such a big stat boost with the larger threshold, and if people had given it more of a chance, we would’ve seen it on more units. Now we’re stuck with only tier 3 in the regular pool and it’ll never be in divine manuals.
I’m just over here wishing they’d put Brazen 4 on more units. They’ve given worse to New Heroes. Maybe it could have had an extra effect to make it more “worth it”, but it was still generous. And I think this year, they’ll probably give at least 1 or 2 new units each a different brazen 4, even if people hardly ever use the brazen 3s that aren’t atk/spd. I would if they weren’t all 5 star locked. You bet your right ear I would. I’m just beating a dead horse at this point though. So I’ll stop. Lol.

Mareeta can’t inherit a Catch, sadly :sob: Or I’d give her that over this in a heartbeat.
Now if that isn’t a wall of text. (It’s not my worst, but it’s why I made the post haha)
So, her build here is pretty niche, I know. Even excluding the B skill. I can’t say whether or not I’d use the 2 skills together, or this specific build. I’ll definitely have to play around with her.

What are your builds, finished or not? Who you buyin? I think most people gave Mareeta Distant Counter by now (except me. It took me forever to get extra DC fodder, it’s hard to come by and she’s been fine without it. But she’s the next one I’m giving it to. I have 2 spares from Divine Codes I prefer getting something else in HoF), so what other A skills are you giving her in the HoF?


I have both Tanya and Mareeta built up,Saias isn’t a favorite of mine so he’s a pass,Othin however is a favorite of mine’s so I plan on picking him up so from the start I only focused solely on him.I’m still fishing for joint drive spd though.


Yeah I wish I had more formas to spare. I have an Osian that I got from off focus a while ago. I think he was off focus at least. He’s a really good unit and worth a forma, especially if you already have him

I agree, it’d be nice to see more Brazen 4 skills. I think they’re very niche, just because there are very very very few ways to get them to activate on a unit’s first combat, whereas Solo and even Catch skills can be guaranteed in a wide variety of scenarios. But since they’re comparatively niche, I certainly wouldn’t mind them being more accessible.

This is almost literally the only unit I’ve given skills to this time around. Everyone else has, like, random skill and a Rally, and maaaybe is level 40 if they’re Saias. I like her art, I’ve almost got enough for +10, and I don’t have many other archer candidates. I was gonna be one of the eighty zillion people spending grails on Innes, but then Xander’s refine happened and I’m saving for him now.

I’m hoping for a Solo 4–preferably Atk/Spd–but otherwise there’s not really anything I’d change about her.

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Completed floor 25. Here’s what their kits look like.

Osian was being stubborn with potential specials.

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Those are some good and lucky skills. Were you able to nab what else you wanted? I actually got Deadeye on Tanya super early on and that helped me further my progress, even if I’m not getting her it’s a nice skill to have.
And yes, More readily available Catch 3 skills would be cool, but I don’t see it happening for a while. My guess is they would only be on new banners, most of the time on non-4☆ focus. Brazen Def/Res is on a grail unit, so Def/Res Catch could follow suit there.
I don’t think I’ll +10 Innes, but I do want a few more merges to increase his overall offensive capabilities and his bulk somewhat.

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Very nice & very lucky. I presume you’re looking to forma soul your Osian? The only good special I’ve seen for him so far is Aether, and there were better skills in the same batch.
Even if he has the DC skill, he’s still EP-oriented so Close Defense 4 is quite amazing on him.

I finished today finally and I still haven’t gotten Null C-Disrupt or Lull Atk/Spd for Mareeta yet… 8 days left, 24 tries. So hopefully after that…

I know how stupid this sounds, but I came across an equally rare C-skill on her; Odd Tempest, but I weighed my options and everything and I ended up skipping it. I’m sure I’ll get more Legendary or Fallen Dimitri’s if I want it on her or any of my other swordmasters. I’ve already summoned 5 total without even trying any of those times. And I’m only halfway thru the Forces of Will banner. It’d be nice for galeforce, I know.

No, actually. I just…didn’t like the thought of leaving the special skill blank.

He keeps asking for Miracle or an AoE!

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Ah, I see. It’s like every other special I’ve seen on all 4 of them, was an AoE or Miracle. Mareeta is the one who seems to get Miracle most often though.