Hall of Forums

Here’s my Lewyn. Something tells me this will be smooth sailing.

Too bad I haven’t gotten a Legendary on the Valentines banner though.

Yeah, Lewyn has been carrying my team. The problem is that in the higher difficulties, if you don’t have the advantage of having a good map, or having your other units with things like Reposition, then Lewyn by himself is not gonna be enough to take on the entire enemy team, especially if said team consist of units like Myrrh, or other unit that won’t be doubled but has more than one movement.

Can’t tell you how many units I would have Lewyn kill, but because my other units are pretty much there as meat shields that die in one hit, he gets swarmed really easily.


just do his one build that does instant aoe and resets after, i forgot what they called that build

An AoE build isn’t gonna help if his teammates are so low leveled that they get one shot by the enemy, even if they have 1 HP and your non Lewyn allies are at full HP.


thats why i throw them as meat shields xd

but yea i get the fact that he cant solo, thats why hall of forums is a ok gamemode, gotta care about all the units you got xd

Yeah, so do I. In one battle there was a Luke, Mercedes, and a Osian. Mercedes killed Sigurd and Luke had access to Lewyn while Osian one shot Quan.

It would be different if we had a team full of dancers, but at the moment it’s too unreliable unless you’re actually building up your other units.

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