Halloween 2 farming strategies

Until demon lord difficulty opens, we’re stuck farming at expert level and that is fine by me. Right now I’m stuck farming for silver bags, trying to earn enough to buy and mlb those spawn CEs.

The thing is… I can’t quite get to optimize it. At ‘expert’ and with a MLB spawn CE, the lava tunnel takes me around 10 ~12 turns.

The part I’m struggling with is the dragon. Not really beating it but one-shotting it, either with NP or with a Brave chain, but so far, I haven’t had any luck. I’ve tried using Kiritsugu but his NP damage, even when using his quick steroid, is ridiculously low and barely halves the dragon’s HP. I’ve actually had better luck with Scathach, using her quick steroid and NP. That’s right, an AOE NP does more damage per target than a ST one. Carmilla is not even worth trying. The damned thing doesn’t even any traits my assasins can exploit.

I’ve also tried Berserkers, but my Lu-Bu is stuck at level 50, and my Beowulf, does a truly underwhelming amount of damage, and I have no other ST Berserkers of note.

So, what are you using? Can you guys give me some pointers to minimize turns in the lava tunnel?

I grab a support Jack the Ripper with 10 skill in murder on a misty night and have her tear it apart for me honestly.

Santa Alter event and dragons in Camelot have made JTR my absolute favorite servant to borrow.


I’ll try that.

Just before I stopped to recharge my phone (can’t play and charge at the same time, it gets worryingly hot), I tried a Siegried in my friend list.

He works extremely well against Kiyohime’s dragon trait. Almost, but not quite, obliterating her with an unboosted (other than his third skill) NP.

Well don’t forget that jack is both an NP looper and a female destroyer.

She will MELT Kiyohime into nothing.

Have you tried using a welfare with a 50% battery? Ik there’s no one rn with class adv but my Kuro still does decent dmg. Or, if you have a kscope/ MLB IE and Shiki, that should work too with her 30% battery. I haven’t tried Kintoki yet, but may try later. Should do more dmg without that .9 class modifier

I’ve got a 10/10/6 Cleo with Brave Ellie in my support list that you’re more than welcome to use if you’re having trouble! One of her Buster brave chains is just about enough to kill the dragon and an attack-boosted NP is almost enough to kill Kiyo.

IGN: Captain

(also lemme know your IGN so I can make sure I add the right person)

Thank you, but it’s not so much trouble as it is frustration from an inability to securely and reliably one-shot that overgrown lizard in the second fight.

With my current roster, expert difficulty doesn’t really pose a challenge other than self-imposed ones. And trying to minimize turns is precisely that challenge.

I’ve actually managed to one-shot the damn lizard with a Brave chain from a borrowed Jack once or twice. But doing so relies on two things. First getting the cards for a brave chain, something that sometimes the game stubbornly denies you, and second, getting at least one crit. I remember getting a Quick Brave chain with Jack, only for her not to crit and leave the dragon still standing.

I can reliably 1T the dragon with a [email protected] but my Chloe is lvl 90 and her dmg steroid is 10. If you’ve got a SuperSumo, it might be good. I just use a buster card and that weakens it to around 2k and finish with follow up

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Hm, that’s why I recently raised Lu Bu to oneshot every demi bosses ( usually in second battles ) highest nuke in game and cheap :+1:t2:

Chloe is an amazing ST welfare archer, and knowing that I have to wait for nearly a year until her rerun makes me :salt:

True, but he requires support, and without a kaleidoscope or a Waver (both of which I lack), he’s nearly useless. The few times I’ve fielded him, he’s either failed to fill his NP bar or was blown away by a crit. It’s very difficult to actually get him to NP the turn you bring him in, or keep him alive until you need him, unless the rest of the team is designed around him.

Nevertheless I’ll be raising him to 70 for christmas and then I’ll check if the 80% from a Mage Academy+Imaginary element makes him a proper on-demand nuke.

He’ll still need St George at his side to survive though.

Just grab a ST unit with 50% charging NP bar plus hybrid CE- from Friend Support if you dont have one.

Chloe and Kinrider with Holy Night Supper/Golden Sumo MLB and their batteries on 10 are do a easy job.

Kaleido/MLB Immaginary Element Shiki with her 30% battery and steroids maxed does also works, and thanks to class advantage, is even better. Her NP5>Jack NP1.

Or you can charge Jack NP in the first wave…

Have you considered raising brave Eli?

That’s what I am currently doing, keeping some of the Beelzebub-nodes in mind. Her 100%-damage bonus allows her to hit as hard as any class-advantaged crew. What we are still missing is her NP-levels, but even without those she should hit hard enough.

Otherwise, I treat the nodes the same way I treated the CCC-event ones: less a matter of minimizing turns than borrowing a MLB spawn-CE from frens and keeping your crew intact enough to reach final wave and nuke it. I got a far easier time of that now than back during CCC. I’ll only switch to lowering turns needed once I got store-items bought out, which is when I’ll prioritize some of those node-drops more than anything (bones, feathers, etc.).

That’s actually how I approach it too, however I can only do the same thing so many times before I get bored out of my mind, so I try to play around with team comps to make it a bit more interesting.

(it’s also the reason why the grinding in Neptunia is really turning me off the game, but I diggress).

Right now I’m doing the Castle Node. And I have the same problem with the Demon. But unlike with the dragon, I’m not frustrated by the class advantage and sometimes it gives the chance to raise my KinRider’s NP bar to 200%.

And there’s certainly something extremely satisfying about unleashing all the NPs that you had kept in reserve for the last 3 or 4 turns and seeing them completely exterminate the final wave. :fgo_buster:

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You can try with Shakespeare, 20% np & 40% buster up, he’s 2* budget Merlin but only need to be leveled up skill 1. And mind you, the best farming nodes open in tomorrow, you might want to save apples for it for the most efficiency.

Anyone found a good comp for the Pyramid demon lord node using the 100% appearance bonus?

It’s mainly lancers with 2 rider bosses, best i can manage is 9 turns while using some drop CEs too.

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I sent Penth and Artoria w/ Merlin

“AQUILESSSSS” and that’s over :fgo_rinlaugh:

How many turns?

I can do it in 7 turns if RNGesus smiles upon me, otherwise in 8, but I have to use 2 Ibaraki’s and the +50% buster buff from the sword item.
(I bought more from the shop because 7 is good civ)

I field them with Merlin, but he doesn’t do much aside from attack buff, small NP charge, and buster buff.
I realize this isn’t a very ftp friendly team, and that I’ll run out of the sword buffs eventually before clearing the shop, but I came here hoping someone had a better comp than me lol. :sweat_smile:

I feel like Nito and Cleo should be able to wrap it up in 5 turns, but idk how. I personally don’t have any free CE slots for kaleidos or such, and my Cleo is lvl 45… and I have like 7,000 QP… so not happening anytime soon.
(unless I grind doors for QP)

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