Halloween 2018 Revival - Challenge Quests

Is it only me or those challenge quests look like farming quests? Only Pyramid ones look like they require a bit of thinking. The rest is boring. Like 3T boring. Even with servant limitations you can just fill some AoE NP (berserker’s preferably) on the first 2 super weak waves. I guess I’ll try to solo it with Raikou (available in ~half of nodes) to make them more fun. Or Archuria.

The only highlight seems to be the new challenge quest not yet covered on GP:


This one requires Solomon Singularity completion. I completed Babylonia yesterday, I guess I’ll complete Solomon now to get this Crystallized Lore.

I guess I’ll try the first strategy that comes to my mind with Archuria (MLB black grail) + Tamamo (MLB Devilish B) + supp Waver + Waver (Kscope), plugsuit:

  1. turn: boost Archuria’s NP gauge with both Wavers (order change) + apply all attack and arts buffs, then: Waver NP → Archuria NP on Eli →Tamamo’s NP
  2. turn: Eli’s 1st bar should be gone (even against the class advantage), Archuria will have most likely NP bar full, so NP on Ibaraki (1 hit to kill - or finish the first Eli’s bar)

Next turns: NP loop. Should kill each with one NP (Eli will change the class to neutral, then weak against archers), so just fire at the closest to fire their own NP (except Eli). Probably won’t need hard survivability for this. When in doubt, finish the insta-killing Nito third. Just finish Eli the last as after the second break she’ll fill every enemy’s NP. If left alone I think Archuria can survive and finish the job (full class advantage). Just use Waver’s def if possible.

I wonder if stunning her on the same turn as breaking 2nd bar will stop her from charging her NP. I’m also thinking about bringing Merlin - would delay my NP spam, but provide hard survivability (and Tamamo would make it more consistent).

I miss the Nero Fest challenges’ gimmicks. The fight with Suzuka was crazy in a very good way (and she looked like she’s having as much fun as me).

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Yeeeaaahhh… this fight seems way to easy… I’ll probably try to beat it twice… 1 with my Baber Alter, the other with my Maid Alter…I maxed them both out, so I might as well use them…


I’ll just go BB/Tamamo/Waver and adjust as required, Tbh I just do this for story and every CQ.

To be fair, the first clear reward for some of those “challenge quests” are the extra copies of liz brave. And since only Orleans is needed to be cleared to participate it would be unfair to the newer players to make them too difficult.

These are challenge quests in the way that the Riderin copy quests were challenge quests.

Given that this event is weighted towards newbies (it was the first event I completed—3-time invuln whaaatttt?!), and it’s no surprise these are boringly easy for you.

Heck, even those at least had break bars, I wouldn’t even compare the two (even if they are both easy to cheese, but that’s standard fare with these things). Agree with the overall point though.

These are just… lol.

But hey least my newbie friend won’t need to lean on my Supports or others.

For newcomers, who have yet just a few servants leveled - this is good lvl of challenge. When most of your roster and support list is unusable, challenge is there.

For veteran masters - yeah, making killer party, satisfying any of those conditions is too easy.

Halloween CQs tend to be easy. Both this one and the Moriarty CQ coming in the Mecha Liz Halloween has been trampled in 3 turns by all kinds of funny setups, as well as having a ton of solos out there for new masters with empty roster to replicate.

It is honestly kind of hilarious that after doing damage calculations, I realise I can minturn this CQ with my uninspired roster (a rarity) which lacks most of the meta supports and/or BG/high NP level SSR damage-dealer that you need for tougher CQs.

How Ibaraki is an “Ally of Justice” is beyond me.