Halloween 2019 Rerun discussion

I didn’t see a general thread, so I thought I’d start one.

I just finished the 2 runs of the prayer room(step 6 of the walkghrough), and find myself down 5 pumpkin enemies, so I didn’t finish the indicated. I’m pretty sure I used all the indicated spawn CEs. I did miss the fact that there was a secondary spawn CE in step 3 (BTW, I think spawn CEs should be called out separately from the bonus CEs…), but the walkthrough doesn’t expect one to have both spawn CEs, so not sure where I could have dropped the 5. Anyone else?


I think I had a similar problem? I was pretty sure I followed the walkthrough exactly and still somehow came up 2 pumpkins short. Maybe my memory is gaslighting me or maybe the bug from last year where some kills didn’t count in future missions is rearing it’s ugly head. I really hope it’s not the latter.

Anyway, since main quests are timegated, I’m at a loss about what to do dawdling away 2 days which is a long time to wait. Maybe I’ll complete missions early. There’s really nothing else to do ._.

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My guess is that the 5 Knights in Carmilla’s fight were not counted in-game, but GP did

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Not going crazy, I was 2 pumpkins short as well despite strict adherence to the walk through (especially with ce choices)

Carmilla and emiya should get a room together and sort out their suicidal tendencies.


By suicidal tendencies are you referring to the habit of confronting their younger and dumber selves?

“habit of attempting to murder their younger and dumber selves” yes I’m referring to that.


Yeah, step 3 said 7 enemies, then plus 5 for step 4, but step 6 said you have 14/25, so do two runs. It was a math error. They fixed the walkthrough to say you need 3 runs of Prayer Room for pumpkins.

Also, fully nat ap and I’ve already hit the timelock mid-day 1 :angry:

For the moment, the Rerun in a Nutshell for me

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Yeah, starting with full spawn bonus it was bound to happen sooner than last time…but still, time locks :fgo_badciv:!

At least a bunch of missions unlocked to work on in the mean time.

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It is kind of nice to not have to rush things but it feels like they have allocated far more time than needed for the first bit.
I’ve also hit the time gate and is at 12/100 Missions.
I think I’ll just wrap up the other Attendants Room runs and then upgrade Okkie’s NP.

My personal priority is getting the Assassin Monuments from the shop, because I forgot I’d need them for Okkie, and used them up while trying to burn some QP during GilFest. :joy:

But this event is going much easier for me than it did the first time.
Mostly because I actually have a developed roster. Last year I didn’t…

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I don’t feel like making a General Discussion thread for a character from a year ago, so I’ll throw it into here to talk about Osakabehime’s RUQ.

It’s…nice, and gets much better when she also gets her buffed 1st Skill, but it doesn’t fix the actual problem of using her, that you need to prioritize her face cards to use her NP in order to then get buffs, when she’s an Assassin with low base attack and then a low modifier to boot. I’ve had fun over the last year using her for stuff like swapped in with a Kscope, or charging her NP via CS 3 turns in a row so the buffs stack for a DPS to just do a crazy amount of damage, but those are unsustainable or for the general audience unobtainable.

She’s not terrible at soloing content (except the Bull of Heaven, bc that CQ can die, and I hated how bad she was at it when I was so excited the entire past year to use her against him, I should have known) and her RUQ notable does not do her any benefits there - she only has a single Buster, so having a bonus to that is nice but not as nice as an Arts buff would have been.

Now, I DON’T think Osakabehime is terrible- far from it. But potentially worse than being terrible is being terrible at what I feel she was designed to do - I feel she was designed to be a Quick support, the devs realized that failed, and so we got Skadi, who is just so much better at it. But instead of leaning into Okkie’s burgeoning solo potential, they tried to throw more team utility at her (Buster now, crit in the future) when that’s not helping her new focus.

Many times, a “master of none” approach is fine, because it gives you some versatility. Okkie is less than Merlin and less than Skadi, but if you don’t have either of those, she kinda fills the gap, and fills Merlin’s shoes a lot better than someone like Tamamo does.

Personally, because I feel the ship largely sailed on her support capability when they locked it entirely behind her NP, I would have liked to see the NP upgrade be:

Either a straight replacement, 30% Arts instead of 30% Buster, or a mix (15% Arts, 15% NP gain) for 3T.

Then, instead of the crit bonus she’ll eventually get for her Skill 1 (I mean, 50% for 3T is great, it’s what Jalter has, and we know Jalter crits hard) I’d have rather her 3rd skill been upgraded with any/any mix of the following:

Enemy Attack down (3T)
Enemy crit down (3T)
Enemy buff block
A selfish 1T evade, or a party-wide 1 hit (like David, but she is 5*, so a party-wide 1t Evade isn’t too much to ask for either)

Any of those buffs would continue to put her in a support role (they’re all something the entire team can benefit from) but they also really help her out if she’s soloing content, far more than a Buster buff does. NP gain would allow her to fire her NP more often, keeping those buffs active, and an evade or enemy attack down would combine with her Max HP +/Defensive buffs to keep her alive longer and make her more durable.

That’s what I’d have liked to see, at least.


Once you hit the timelock, what is the best node to farm? Great East Pillar?

Last year I remember the walk through still having instructions on clearing missions… Might not have it this year because of the progress lossed with the timelock.

Personally I’ll just roam around randomly working on the unlocked quests until the timelock opens… After I do Okkie’s RUQ that I didn’t know was released until just now.

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I’m running 6 Attendants’ Room for some chaotic servants kiils for now since the mission than need these kills is available already, so they will be counted towards your progress. It seems to be the only thing you can efficiently do after hitting the timelock.
Why would they even put it for so ling in a rerun!


It’s the kill x Servant missions that was making it hard for me to decide where to farm. I could focus on one node now (for say pumpkin knights) but if I still need to do 8 x random node later for Servant kills and it has pumpkin knights as well then it renders it all pointless.

The pillar node seemed to have a good quantity of drops which made me consider that one.

But I think I might roam about like @Mysty suggested, it may not be peak efficiency but it’s not a terrible idea to save some runs later.


This is literally the first time I have hit a time lock in any event since I typically play these at natural AP for the first 75%, and there’s still 2.5 days of free time :fgo_jeannu:

I guess I will just run the steps in the walkthrough that are already available (like the aforementioned attendants room) or even get my waver interludes done

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Time to quickly catch up some runs in LB2 xDxDxD

While that’s all well and good, it’s worth keeping in mind that there should be an upcoming 1/2 AP main quest campaign including the released Lostbelts. In Japan this started on October 6th, a day after the Halloween rerun began, but we’ve pushed a week ahead in order to make space for Thanksgiving presumably. I’m not sure when the 1/2 AP event will begin for NA.

Interlude Campaign 7 should also be hitting sometime in the near future. In Japan, it started on the 17th, a couple days before the Halloween rerun ended. This is another good time for AP efficiency buffs to take advantage of 1/2 AP for any interludes they have left.