Halloween Cup team building

Has anyone started thinking about this yet?

Currently my plan is either lead Galvantula or Crustle, depending entirely on how many other Gal leads there are and I’d really love to run Tentacruel in the back, just because I have an opportunity to actually play it, even if it still won’t be that good. Trying to work out a switch, tempted to go all in and use Qwilfish as a speedier water/poison to bait out counters but it’s bulkier than I would like for that role and not actually very threatening…

Where are you all up to?

Wormadame, azu, marowak, crustle… Maybe Beedrill

I will not bother.

The rewards were just a few crap Bulbasaurs/Charmanders/Squirtles that I can’t even evolve.


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Since two members of my normal Great League team (Azumarill and A-Marowak) are eligible for Halloween Cup, I would not mind raising a new third member for Halloween Cup. Unfortunately, both my Umbreons are over 1500 CP (remember when they were good gym defenders?) and so is my rainbow Muk, while I have no Galvantula or Crustle and not enough candy to evolve a Scraggy. How about Beedrill? Crobat? Forretress?

Beedrill, why not? Great vs Azu. Just beware of Galvantula

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That’s fine but don’t bother replying if you literally have nothing to say. Some people like PvP because it’s fun rather than rewards and Silph Cups are hard to access right now so having limited cups in GBL allows people to try things that don’t fit into open metas.


Beedrill would be nice here, would suggest running Awak in the lead and switching after a bait if there’s no Galv as you’ll really need to catch it before it gets to Azu

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I am also thinking about maro in the lead, cause there’s a lot weak to fire. Could be that many people think so and hex would be better in those situations :D

Golbat is generally better than Crobat, as it’s moveset is a little faster and has a good bait move. I probably wouldn’t recommend either though as they just don’t seem to be able to take many wins. Maybe as a safe switch, I guess???

Forretress will need shields down I think but could make a nice closer? I find him awkward to use tbh

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I suspect Galvantula will be the lead of choice so fire spin is a better bet, lots of steely bugs lurking too… Depends if Froslass gets lots of use or there are loads of Awak mirror leads, which case Hex takes those and you just need to run from any dark types

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If you don’t have a qwilfish yet do not build one I made a terrible mistake it is not worth it

If you do have one already… depends on how big marowak is. Probably pretty big to hit all the beedrill and galvantula… so maybe.

Golbat is actually pretty awesome in open GL (good equivalent to Ivysaur) but it looks even better in the Halloween cup! Super resists the bugs and fairies, plus an ygrass-types that get dragged in. Good moveset too, only thing it would struggle against is dark-types and Galvantula.

I think qwilfish in the halloween cup makes sense and adds some spice. Wisely used it could turn a game. Not sure how to use it best at the moment (probably not as lead), but it beats important stuff!

I have one that’s at around 1400cp single moved, so not loads to do but definitely not an optimal investment.

Basically I am trying to set up a sweep for Tentacruel - probably wouldn’t expect much from Qwilfish beyond drawing out counters for Galv/Crustle to beat so the speedier moveset is appealing, even if it has no real value outside this specific circumstance

Given that Marowak, Azumarill, Obstaboon, and Galvantula are likely to be the most common 'mon, Qwilfish might actually have some play (same with Tentacruel).

Do you think that obstagoon is widely used, given that most resist it’s fast move? Could be, with it’s ghost resistance, but it is not for sure. Actually a quite balanced cup.

i have shadow on my alt and really like it. Need at least one shield, but can be theat to many things, and i enjoying him a lot!

not necessarily Golbat is in the Top 10 Pokemon in the Flying Cup. Moveset wing attack poison fang + shadow ball has 75% of the winnings I don’t remember. Another advantage is the price, it is probably one of the cheapest pokemon and as for the crobat, it is better because it is cheaper and has a wing attack instead of air slash.
*golbat have got poison fang crobat faster attack is sludge bomb

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Its funny cause my team is already Halloween cup and has been since the beginning of GL :joy:


Same! And its been kicking *$$! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: