Halloween Ena balanced bulk build

Shown w Light season w Eir/Mila and a 6/6 buff. Blackfire breath effectively takes her def/res to 74/73 with its -5 atk penalty.

Of course she’d likely drop back below 70 with dark shrine.

Still can get mid 60s with DC and QR seal.

Without AR buffs/visible buffs/summoner support she still hits 61/60 and 54hp with this build. Stacking def nets 65/56 and stacking res nets 68/53.


A stance 4 skill would open up slot B for a Lul ATK or a NFU (Bramimond ect)

Also, just realized but she doesn’t counterattack ranged unit with that build, what’s the purpose in AR ? ~


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pure tanks allow a second unit to come in and kill i suppose. it works. or you can just cross your fingers to fire off big specials

Yeah, but you typically want your AR tank to be able to counterattack, I would assume.

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I wouldn’t recommend fort def/res unless it’s your only premium a-slot. Stance skills are definitely better, the power budget isn’t wasted on player phase bulk that you probably don’t need and you don’t sacrifice atk, which is still important. Fortress skills also make it harder to chill soak, you can achieve more stats if you went for stances and soaked the chills.

As mentioned, you WANT DC. There’s no point in running a melee tank without DC, especially since most threats in AR are ranged.

Finally, Pale Breath is better with this build. Running both a joint AND a solo condition feels horrible because you can’t be adjacent, neither can you be completely solo without missing out on something. Either you run a smoke and Blackfire Breath, or Pale Breath with that build and have a support bring atk debuffs.

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As I mentioned, DC/QR still nets mid 60s. Probably how I would actually build her.

Naturally she would have access to sturdy stance 3 if she gets Blackfire, too.

Not sure that joint w Blackfire is all that restrictive but if she’s running DC, atk smoke may be the better skill either way.