Halloween L'Arachel Attack or Speed Boon?

As the title says which Boon, Speed or Attack, do you think is better for Halloween L’Arachel?

What would you run on her?
I’d say +Atk if you’re sticking with her base weapon and something like Brazen Atk/Spd, and +Spd if you use Bladetome :larchsmile:

Spd, especially if you won’t merge her. A +atk L’Arachel only has 37spd and I think it’s pretty low. But a +spd L’Arachel has 40spd and 51atk, which I think is pretty good.

Spd is far more flexible, with that boon you can use her tome or even a bladetome.

But it dipends by what do you want to do with her. If you want to hit hard and you already have a certain build in mind, then maybe the +atk is better

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I got a +Speed one, so I guess I would be open to use wichever weapon would be better

Really depends on your preference.
Both weapons have their merits. I’d say +Spd is the more versatile choice of the two so it might be your best option.

I also could give her Swift Sparrow 3 or Fury 3/4 whichever of those would be better?

I don’t think it matters since you’re going to double fury it anyway with a +3 spd refine, and so you’re speed is going to be absurd and you will always double, and the attack will be so high, you honestly should overshoot most things you are intended to kill anyway. Probably +Atk though.

Fury 4 with Fury-based weapon with +spd refine. Chill Res is preferred B I think.