Halloween Mia, use or fodder staff?

I got her with +att -hp, which seems like a great IV. I guess having her on a flying team would be nice. Is she the best overall user of her staff, or is it better inherited elsewhere? Either way a 5 star will need fodderd, since Mia will want the Dazzle B skill (I have one to give up).

I’d fodder. Maybe give it to a C Duel Infantry healer for Arena.

But if youwant to use her, then use her.

I find it hard to argue shes best overall to use the staff because I find the biggest part of the staff for general use is it applies guard which makes it great for Sakura, Azama, and Lissa. But I think she is good in her own right

Always use! Mia is best gril!

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I do already have fully built +10 team for Arena, so Im just thinking for general use or possibly AR. No personal attachment to Mia herself, so Im just looking for the most viable user. She is the only Flying healer I have, so I guess thats a nice niche.

She’s nice for the flying healer aspect, but, like RoyAhoy said, she’s not really the best for the staff. Even if on a Flier Emblem team, there aren’t many instances where you’d need it. I mean, maybe if you’re using units like Beruka, Subaki, etc, but even then it’s really not all that necessary.

Azama and other tanky healers are arguably the best units for the staff.

If you are planning on making a flier emblem,I suggest to keep,as she’s one of the few staff fliers. +atk is pretty good cause it affects restore more