Halloween Myrrh Build advice needed

So I was just going into one of my other F2P accounts and realized I had a H! Myrrh. Because of the recent banner I thought why not, so I spent some orbs (~200) on getting more H! Myrrhs as I like her character. I got up to +4. I have never built a unit properly before so I want to ask how does this look? I made this on a unit builder, haven’t committed into anything yet


Looks fairly good to me, dunno about the Seal though. I know it increases her mobility, but once she’s below max HP, it’s a useless seal, and there’s no guarantee that Aether will heal her to full and she’ll stay at full until your turn.

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Everything looks good besides her questionable seal (which could have its uses on some maps, if I’m being honest, though once under 100% it’s kinda useless). C skill is up to preference (but if you want more mobility, her native Armor March is really useful if paired with another armor) otherwise a solid choice (though I typically default to Atk Smoke when she’s not on an armoured team).

For her seal, I (as well as most users) would highly recommend Quick Riposte 3 since that guarantees doubles on both PP and EP. Or even a Res boosting skill like Distant Defense 3 or Warding Stance 3, though she loses out on a follow up.

Also, here’s my H!Myrrh because she’s my absolute favourite character.

I also have DC on her, but I’ve recently put FDR3 since a friend of mine has it on his as well and it’s an amazing skill for more mixed bulk.


My advice depends on her teammates and game mode. Distant Counter should stay in all cases. I also recommend Aether generally for her since she has special acceleration with Special Fighter or Vengeful Fighter and Heavy Blade. Her speed is a little low for securing follow-ups on enemy phase (her weapon only grants player phase follow-ups), so if you run Special Fighter on her, you should use Quick Repost in the seal slot. If the Quick Repost seal is in use on someone else, you will have to choose between the Guard effect and reliable enemy phase follow-ups by switching to Vengeful Fighter. Don’t bother with Bold or Wary Fighter on her. If you use Vengeful, she won’t have player phase special acceleration, so the Heavy Blade seal can compensate if it is available. If she is on an armor team, someone needs Armor March, and it is 5-star locked and comes in her kit, so that can happily be her. Related—if she is on a mixed team, Armored Boots can be helpful, but I wouldn’t sacrifice the potential stat boosts of Def/Res Bond (or another bond skill), or Quick Repost, or Heavy Blade, on an armor team for the boots. If you have someone providing Armor March already (or a movement assist plan on a mixed team), a wave skill can be good, but Attack Smoke is better for tanking solo and the standard stacking Ward Armors is great on an armor team. The main time to use a wave skill is if you have the complementary one (in this case, Even Attack Wave) on an adjacent teammate or, for the ones like Res where the seal version of the wave skill exists, you can stack the C and Seal to effectively get +6 to that stat every turn. To help proc her weapon, you could use the Def waves in seal and C, but on an armor team, bond seals with Def are better overall and should easily activate. As for the assist, in arena you want the highest scoring one possible, so dual rally + or Rally Up + type skill if you have it. If not, dual rally is more available and scores better than movement assists. Armor teams who all have Swap are actually really flexible for rearrangement for non-Arena purposes. Otherwise, Pivot is better for moving H!Myrrh around and Reposition is better for moving her teammates (particularly glass cannons on mixed teams). My preference is dual rallies on armor teams with Armor March. Hope that helps!


H!Myrrh flex time?

As for the build you suggested, if you’re going that route I’d say change the C for her native Armour March then pair her with another armour, then have the seal be Quick Riposte so she can double on both phases.


Thanks for all the advice. Looks likes I’ll get a different seal. As for the c slot, I don’t have any other good Armours as this is on an alt account, so I won’t run Armour March. Is quick riposte a good option for a seal?

As a side note, should I fodder my exalted Chrom for Aether?

Quick Riposte works well for the build you have in mind. She should be doubling on both Phases so long as her HP and Def remain high.

I’d recommend foddering OG Chrom for Aether instead. Exalt Chrom has Sword SP and Chill Def, which are harder to get your hands on by comparison.

What about vengeful fighter instead of special, then something else as the seal?

Heavy Blade seal could work in that regard, then, seeing as she has solid Atk.

Both Vengeful and Special Fighter grant her extra cooldown charge, meaning Heavy Blade would be useless.

Not on initiation, since her weapon guarantees follow-ups on Player Phase.

Why would you ever need HB when you’ve Special Fighter?

It’s a fairly budget set.

Since BF is useless on H!Myrrh (when she’s running Spirit Breath), the only way to boost your special charge outside of SF is Heavy Blade. This way, she can double on both phases while also having accelerated special charge on PP.

So, you wanna tell me, that people willingly sacrifice their Seal slot and B Slot just to have dual phased special charges instead just waiting for SF?

Makes sense