Halloween Myrrh or Ashnard?

The Guard Seal is coming, it’s only a matter of time, as it right now I have two candidates for this seal which are my Halloween Myrrh (+def/-res) and an unbuilded Ashnard.
Now ashnard not only he would need that seal, but also DC which H!Myrrh is equipped, who should I build?

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I’d say Ashnard, if only for the reason that he doesn’t have a means of preventing follow ups like H!Myrrh does



I typically run H!Myrrh with Special Fighter, so I don’t see why Guard would be needed in seal. Even if you’re running VF or Wary Fighter, you could always skip DC on her and go a Stance 4 skill in A for Guard.


I don’t have a stance 4 fodder, and neither a SF fodder

What’s your current build on her?

Spirit Breath
Distant Counter
Vengeful Fighter
Atk Smoke /Armor March


Because you could also just wait until Special Fighter fodder shows up (Nagi is gonna be on a banner in a few days, and you might get lucky with a free summon).


It’s just her base kit with pivot and DC

Yes, I could do that

Use H!Myrrh with special fighter and honestly any A and C slots. She gets bold and vengeful fighter simultaneously with QR3 seal.

But for this post, she won’t need a guard seal.

Have to know, any time Ashnard is mentioned, Shiney gets that sixth sense that requires his attention