Halloween myrrh vs idunn for supertanking?

myrrh is +1 with hp boon, idunn is +res/-atk

either may get distant counter, and idunn will have to get bold fighter

which will be better in supertanking reds and greens and colorless?

Idunn definitely. She gains stats when she’s hurt or debuffed, which isn’t a hard condition to fulfill. Myrrh just doubles on player phase which doesn’t help with tanking. You’re also more likely to get merges for Idunn down the road, while Myrrh can only appear once a year unless people are dumb enough to vote for her again in that find and vote bs


i see the use of her weapon giving the stat things, but myrrh comes with vengeful fighter

idunn is still -atk which may hurt depending on her special procs

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Idunn also comes with Vengeful

And like I said, you’re more likely to pull Idunn merges down the road to patch up her bane. You have a good boon, and iirc it’s a superboon


So does Myrrh. And her weapon gives her a better player phase.

oh nice, still id probably have to use bold fighter cause im sorta retiring black knight and want to find someone that can equal is player phase and out-do his enemy phase

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Nvm I’m dumb


I know that

He said that lmao

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See above

Yeah I’d use Bold Fighter too. Vengeful isn’t as reliable imo, especially since you can run QR as a seal

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The way I see it, Idunn is the better tank but Myrrh is better at offense. I will say that as someone with both I found myself preferring Myrrh.

stat wise theyre basically the same, the thing that im debating between is how their weapons effect them

and also if idunns bane is worth taking

-atk is definitely going to hurt. Really with Idunn it’s if you want someone who can kill armors and ignore debuffs. And Myrrh is more general purpose imo.

Myrrh, do Myrrh! She’s great and one of the cutest!

but If I were to take my fangirl googles off:

Idunn 200%. Myrrh hasn’t aged that well at all, her prf is kind of weak nowadays. Idunn nullifying debuffs is just a massive advantage over Myrrh, and Guaranteed follow ups can fail a bit, if you don’t have a back up effect to fall on… +Spd Idunn is even capable to reach somewhat defensive speed tier since she cannot be debuffed, so Effectiveness wouldn’t hurt her as much when preventing doubles.

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Do you wanna use a dumb loli?

Or a hot waifu?




Bring it. :feh_royyes:

but da bain…

myrrh’s guarenteed follow up on player phase is probably strong and on enemy phase her vengeful fighter makes her a black hole

if i gave her something like heavy blade seal that could make her player phase just as good but so could other seals too

honestly id probably use idunn if it werent for the bane, still im holding off because of her


Idoun can make really good use of it even at -ATK, at range 2 she has adaptive damage which can often help her defeat enemies with one weak defense (say high RES but rock-bottom DEF, breaths target the lowest of these at distance).
Her [Demonic Breath] is powerful too:
:white_check_mark: Armor effectiveness
:white_check_mark: DEF+3
:white_check_mark: Ez +4 to all stats during battle and debuffs are neutralized only if she’s debuffed and/or damaged

She can become fairly speedy, not as other armors such as L!Tiki because of higher base but still she can prevent a good amount of doubles and absorb a huge amount of damage.

I’ll share mine even though she has no [Distant Counter]:

Substract 6 points of DEF and RES and add +2 attack as if [Distant Counter] was there.

This and a strong special like [Sol]+[Special Fighter 3] combo can make her a potent supertank.
You can also focus more on damages and choose [Ignis].

To add that she’s +RES which is a superboon so it’ll help her have a strong mixed tank utility :+1: :feh_excidunn:

I think Idunn’s the better tank of the two :feh_excidunn:

H!Myrrh has a better mixed phase thanks to her pref, but it does nothing on enemy phase.
And the ability to negate debuffs is very valuable for a tank, especially in AR.