Halloween Rolf: My next grail project

I finally got enough grails to +10 him!

Now it’s time to build him up. Since I’m not a big fan of his Fury effect on his bow, I thought about to build him up this way.

This build is made from the FEH unit builder so far so no skills are wasted at the moment. ^^

My thoughts on the skills:

  • I have some copies of Faye left so I would finally find a use for her.
  • I just like Repo. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • On his Special I think I either put in Luna or Moonbow.
  • For the A Slot I have a second B Celica left so I would fodder her into him. Since he already has a very good Spd but lacks in Atk I want to push it as much as possible.
  • Lull Spd/Def 3 s the only one I’m missing so far and would put in Chill Spd until I get my hands into another Claude. Yeah I’m going for NY Lethe at the moment but no, she isn’t a fodder option until I got a twelfth copy of her.
  • Even Atk Wave instead of his Spd Wave is for the same reason like on the A skill
  • Wanted to put Swift Sparrow on the S skill first but since I already need this one I thought at least pushing his Spd here isn’t a bad idea either.

What do you think? Could this work?


Id say It would. He is very good bow cav.

also, its rolf. Rolf is honestly my favorite archer from por. Im just waiting on boyd now


Maybe try to go for some Fishie Bow fodder for Desperation bow?

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Very nice speedy lad! He can try all kinds of builds but this is particularly good, the bow of course can be changed depending on your situation though.

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I agree with Rolf. :grinning: I also hope we get Boyd in the next Tellius wave, him and Zihark. I just fear he will be five star locked since we got some demoted and good Axe infantries now with Echidna and Ross.

@Krazytre @shin.sen

I will consider to give him a different bow, but for the next Mjolnir Strike it should also go well with firesweep. ^^