Halloween Shop Priorities

Hi everyone, first post here, although some may recognize me from the FEH boards. I picked up FGO during the 7 million DL campaign and have spent a good bit of time ramping up in the game.

I managed to clear all the missions and quests for Halloween and have put a solid dent in the shop; but I don’t think I’m going to have the time for a full clear. It also sounds like maybe I should be saving apples for the Christmas event?

My main question is if there are items that really demand priority in the shop. I have yet to clear mana prisms, monuments and pieces, magatama, lanugo, lantern, fools chain and root. All else is done. I want to get the most benefit from the grinding I can manage over the next two days.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Of those, you have 2 options:

Go for the most “valuable” (ie, Gold, Silver, and then Bronze rarity items) or go for the most “in demand”

If you’re somewhat newer, I’d probably recommend going first for any immediate needs (look at the Servants you don’t have at their maximum ascension, and if you need a bunch of something, buy those).

Otherwise, if you’re somewhat newer but nothing in the shop helps you there, I’d go with:

1- Fool’s Chains. A ton of Servants need them, and they normally need a ton each
2- Lanterns.
3- Spirit Roots
4- Lanugos
5- Monuments
6- Pieces
7- Magatama (new item, don’t get used by many Servants yet)
8- Mana Prisms (actually, make sure you have at least enough for the Summon Tickets from Da Vinci for the month. Those 5 Tickets are free summons)

That’s probably the order I’d go in if I couldn’t get everything.

As far as saving apples for Christmas is concerned, that’s entirely up to you. While lotteries are great, for most people the limit just becomes how much grind you can put in- it doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 200 Apples saved if you get tired of it after using 25, 30, 50 of them. In general, events are a good place to use Apples since the exchange rate for currency to items is much higher than normal farming. For instance, with 950 natural AP left, and a +3 bonus to the bronze currency (1 from the 1st mission clear, 2 from a MLB friend list) you’d be easily able to buy all the Fool’s Chains and all the Horseshoes in the shop- costing less than 950 AP vs. the average of 1900 AP to farm them otherwise.


Yes, apples are always best spent during lottery events. During these events, you generate currency that allows you to roll in the “lottery”, which basically randomly awards you materials from a pool. In non-rerun lotteries, you can roll an unlimited amount of times, so basically it’s only constrained by as much AP as you can spend.

Unfortunately, there’s not an easy answer to this. It’s probably a good idea to clear all of the items with the most expensive amount of currency per unit, as those likely have the highest average AP per drop. You’re generally going to want to look at the servant pages for servants you have or will want to raise in the future and see what they need, and then prioritize those as necessary.

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Yet another fool from FEH has joined us in Hell


Well, the ‘best’ ones to clear out first all depends on individual needs. I have 100 of the Horns but I don’t have any urgent need for it so I haven’t bought then yet. Some consider Mana Prisms to be one of the least important, some buy them early because they want it for the Shop stuff (and the CEs that cost 5K Mana Prisms).

Outside of events like these where you need to level and ascend a Servant for a mission, some people still grab the Embers early (typically those who need them to level a new Servant) while some don’t.

Silver Fous are a debatable. Some say to always grab them because one set of twenty is enough to bring a Servant up to +1000 ATK/HP. Others don’t prioritize it since you can get Fous in the FP Summons (more commonly +10/20 to a stat per Fou rather than +50 which is rarer to get).

Gold Fous are very limited in number so I’d say to grab them up for sure even if you don’t plan to use them just yet. They’re really limited to we save them for our absolute favorite Servants.

For mats, grab when you need urgently first, then snatch up everything else afterwards to stock up on them. I always start with ‘bronze’ level mats first since you typically need dozens of them for a single skill, and often well over a hundred (or two) for all three skills of a single Servant (provided the Servant needs them).


As far as saving apples for the Christmas lottery, you should check out this thread made by resident super hero @jakeyb: Xmas Lotto Prep

If you can’t pull off much of the team comps it won’t matter how many apples you have saved because the grind is not gonna be great.

If you can’t pull off the team comps I’d for sure say spend some apples to get most of the shop clear. Ignore monuments and pieces and try to clear the rest.


Speaking of, how far are you in the story? The new Christmas event is locked behind completing Babylonia, the 7th Singulatiry.


I’m on Camelot now. Took a break from working through the story to focus on the Halloween event

Thank you all for the very helpful answers!

RE: Christmas, I don’t have the servants to run the referenced farming comps, so maybe I’ll throw some apples into extra completion of the shop.

And here i am with over 800 chains asking myself why so few servants need these.


Note that the spreadsheet does have a setup for F2P servants only and that it’s for 3 turn completion. Arash, robin hood, Mozart, the Christmas welfare and a support waver has a good chance of quick runs. I will probably have to stick with it myself since I lack the super dps option and the supports to borrow them.

And I didn’t make it through 100 apples for nerofest over 2 weeks, so I likely won’t be able to use half that over the 5 days of the mega node. So feel free to apple through Halloween.

Since you are newer, if you have important servants stuck at ascension for monuments, I would pick some of them up, otherwise I ignore them since we get so many in the story quests. I wouldn’t stockpile them, the DaVinci lottery passes them out like candy and is easier to farm (especially when the drop ce has starting np gauge). Pieces are super easy to get in the training grounds, so I’d focus on materials over those.

More expensive material tend to be more painful to farm (low drop rates), but cheap ones tend to be demanded in much higher quantity so can still be painful to farm.

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Hey, uh, y’all want to pass some of them over this way? Please?

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Thank you. That comp should actually be doable for me with a little more investment, as all those servants are underway for me build-wise and I’m actually almost done with Arash and Robin.

I can probably finish mats if I skip monuments and pieces, so maybe I’ll just go that route. Need to double check Euryale so I can finish her to clear some of the Camelot boss battles, otherwise my priority servants are all fairly well leveled.

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Personally, I’d say clear the MP first. Being able to buy the monthly Tickets/Fou/Gold Exp is never a bad thing.
Monument and Pieces are low priority though - the drop rate from the dailies should be more than enough.

As for Ascension Materials, always check what you need for your favourites, both current and upcoming.

Magatama are the Shimousa new item, and as such only a few servants need them - Though that does include both Hokusai’s max ascension and Osakabehime and Ereshkigal’s skills. It’s good to build up a reserve, but there’ll be more chances. Christmas offers them in the shop.
Lanugo are another situational item, this time from Babylonia, and looking ahead, are most importantly needed for Circe, Hokusai and eventually Skadi. Christmas offers them in the shop too.
Lanterns - YES - they’re a common mat for several bronze and silver servants, and several fan favourites aside, including Umu and Tamamo. They will be in the Christmas Lotto boxes though.
Chains are APD 30 at best location, but you need a LOT of them. To use the current banners as an example, First Hassan needs 29 for his 3rd ascension, and another 132 to get his skills to 6. Christmas offers them in the shop too, but only 30.
Roots are yet another situational item. Hokusai needs 10 for ascension, as does Angry Mango. Santa Lily and Santera are f2p servants coming up that need some for maxing out their skills, but only at higher levels.

look up the resources for the servants you need and get those. For me, it was those ghost lamps and chains

This game needs a trade system, maybe only with friends & limit to 10 bronze / silver mats for week / month. but we could really need it.

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I am effectively full up on Tar. I will never need any more, I checked.

Fool’s Chains are one of those things few servants need, but those that do demand may of them…