Halloween Team Challenge

Now that a Halloween event has begun, and one where featured servants only get an attack bonus and not a drop bonus, this is a good opportunity to use your Halloween-themed servants to fit the occasion!

There’s three different themes I’ve thought of, let me know if I missed anyone for each of these or if I should exclude certain servants from the list:

Horror/Spooky Servants

Horror characters

  • Vladzerker
  • Vlad Extra
  • Hessian Lobo
  • Mephistopheles
  • Phantom 2nd ascension
  • Jekyll/Hyde 3rd ascension
  • Frankenstein
  • Gorgon
  • Carmilla
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Lalter 1st ascension
  • Gilles Caster
  • Abigail 3rd ascension
  • Hokusai 3rd ascension
  • Summer BB 3rd ascension
  • Kiara

Spooky Servants

  • First Hassan
  • Okada Izo 2nd ascension (speaks for itself)
  • Salieri 3rd ascension
  • Cursed Arm
  • Darius
  • Ivan the Terrible
  • Dantes 3rd ascension
  • Kiritsugu
  • Medea 1st ascension (perhaps Circe as well since she’s also a witch)
  • Anastasia 3rd ascension (ghost creature)
  • Cu Alter
  • Shuten 2nd or 3rd ascension
  • Heracles
  • Lancelot Berserker
  • Caligula 3rd ascension
  • Eric Bloodaxe
  • Atalante Alter 2nd or 3rd ascension
  • Kiyohime
  • Hundred Personas and Serenity with masks on
  • Angra 1st or 2nd ascension
  • Jalter
  • Salter 1st or 2nd ascension
  • Maybe Sigurd 1st or 2nd ascension
  • Maybe Leonidas 2nd ascension
  • Maybe Semiramis?
Servants in Costume

Obvious costume servants:

  • Jaguar Warrior 1st or 2nd ascension (tiger costume)
  • Medusa Lancer 1st ascension (reaper costume)
  • Summer Nitocris 1st ascension (ghost costume)
  • Osakabehime 1st ascension (bat costume)
  • Halloween Liz (witch costume)
  • Brave Liz (video game inspired costume)
  • Most servants in costume dresses

Other Possibilities

  • MHXA 3rd ascension (sith costume)
  • MHXX 1st ascension (mech costume)
  • Mecha Eli-chans (mech costume)
  • Babbage (mech costume)
  • Avicebron (mech/mech insect costume)
  • Siegfried third ascension (dragon wings, horns and tail)
  • Kintoki Rider (biker costume)
  • Edison (superhero costume)
  • Tesla (steampunk look)
  • Illyasviel 2nd or 3rd ascension (fairy/magical girl costume)
  • Both Archer and Rider Anne & Mary 3rd ascension (bunny costume)
  • Moriarty (so extravagant that it looks like a costume)
  • Maid Alter second ascension (maid costume)
  • Tamamo Cat 2nd ascension (cook/maid costume)
  • Maybe Asterios 1st ascension (bull costume)
  • Maybe Katou Danzo 1st or 2nd ascension (mech costume)?
  • Maybe Summer Mordred? (do I count the sailor outfit second ascension?)

This is basically child/childlike/small servants

  • Saber Lily
  • Kid Gilgamesh
  • Ibaraki (maybe lancer form too?)
  • Medusa Lancer
  • Ushiwakamaru
  • Alexander
  • Hans
  • Waver 3rd ascension
  • Nursery Rhyme 2nd or 3rd ascension
  • Chacha
  • Paul Bunyan
  • Abigail 1st ascension
  • Jack
  • Wu Zetian
  • Kiyohime
  • Maybe Asterios
  • Maybe Euryale and Stheno?
  • Maybe Jeanne Santa Alter?

I hope you take part in one of these three challenges and even if not, I hope you enjoy the event!
Feel free to show your teams if you decide to participate!

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I hadn’t put much thought into that.
I’ve just tossed bonus servants at the nodes.

I think Kiyohime should be on the list somewhere.
She has been a bit restrained in her game apperances but she is kind one bad day away from being a horror villain.

I also feel TamaCat belongs on the list.
She could be part of the costume group as her running around with what appears to be phony paws/feet fits the season.
Her personality also means she’d probably drop by and Trick or Treat.

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Okay, added them both, thanks for the suggestions!

Interesting idea… But I’m having too much fun with my current team.
BB sees red cards, BB locks cards, kitty maid and CEO friends go smash, BB goes CCC last wave.

It’s a simple but effective way to deal with extra spawns.

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Well, two of the three on that team are already on the list, it’s just Penth that isn’t. But fair enough, hope you enjoy the event!


I dunno…
Penth can be pretty scary… Not to mention her CEO get up…

Personally, while I’m not using them on my teams, I have my Event support full of infamous spooks like Fionn, Stheno, and Scheherazade. :smiley:
Since almost everyone on my FL is a veteran, they sure as hell ain’t using my Servants because they’re actually useful. They just want the CEs.


I’m just doing like I did last year

full elly team w/ carmilla

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lmao you should make a “spook”-y team a la namtap’s event supports

I plan on doing silly arrangements with my servant team now that we’re timegated and I’ve raised so many of them from Gilfest :’) so this list will be fun!

Some comments on the lists:
I’m not sure if Hans would ever trick-or-treat? I feel like from most of the dialogue that I’ve seen from him, he definitely has a child body (also included in official traits) but seems to interact with others like an adult iirc.

On the other hand, I think his 3rd ascension could potentially count as “costume” because. giant white coat and glasses. if that ain’t every shitty “scientist” costume thrown together in 10 seconds because you realize that all your other friends came dressed up, idk what is.

Re: SumMordred: idk but I think that if you do decide to count it, you should count SumMom’s second ascension, too (schoolgirl uniform)? Tho(ug)hts?

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As I type this, I am currently using one of your “spook-y” supports for the CE. I approve. ;-)

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Huh didn’t think about the horror theme. Team ive been using purely accidental but fits the theme of holloween.

Ibaraki (loony kid who eats all the candy. Looks scarier than she is. Hellboy vibes)

BB the horror show. Ccc does wonders with mix waves. Plus final acession line is nightmare fuel.

Anastasia- viy. The looming shadow known as viy. Plus viy doll always gave me Annabelle vibes.

Kiyo (both) batshit need i say more. Stalking future diary theme plays when shes in battle.

Penth- shes scary. And looks like she crawled out of army of darkness.

I should try mestophles sometime during event too since he’s one of my gilfest box raised servants. I like that he’s on the list. Totally the dude putting razor blades and bombs in candy (am I the only one thats reminded of roswall of rezero everytime I see him? Let alone his voice)

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Glad to hear it. :wink:

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