HALP i really need advice

So, recently i reached 400 Swablu Candy, i really need and want an Altaria, but the thing is that the Swablu that im thinking on evolving is this.

It has 638 CP and im really worried if it will surpass 1500 CP cause you know, Super ball league is a thing.

Do you think it will surpass the 1500 CP???

  • Yes
  • No

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It will almost definitely surpass 1500 CP.

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Oh sh*t

Like, do i really need to get another swablu???

Unfortunately, yeah. If you want to minimize the candy/stardust to spend to power it up, you’ll be looking for something in the mid-500s.

For GL, you’re going to want something with DEF/HP IVs that are higher than their Attack anyways (from what I understand - I’ve never focused that much on IVs).


Thank you dude, lets see if a get another swablu with 500 CP or minus and with good IV’s

Do it today until it spawns regularly. With the next events it won’t spawn.

Swablus aren’t that rare. Especially during Dragon Week. Shouldn’t be too hard to get another one.

Not only would it surpass it, It’s also not good for pvp with those IVs

Well, seems that luck isn’t with me anymore, i didn’t get another good one, i’ll dont get a competitive Altaria for now

Whoops, misread the CP.

IVs technically don’t matter much in PvP, so yeah just about any IV (as long as it doesn’t pass 1.5k CP) will suffice.

Don’t forget about CMP. My Altaria for PVP is a 98 % 15-15-14 and it helps her to hit first some times (like against Skarmory, even if it’s weak, at least yo uunleash a move before fainting and don’t farm energy for nothing).