Hana, Felix e Kris

For me it has the best design of the latest banner. Not to mention that they are very strong. Now a Felix or Hana with a Plegian weapon invested in maximum fear. Oh God…

I spent more than an hour here seeing Emblemdex and analyzing the artwork.

But I will invest as weapons in Echidna and Louise love first.

Although I was tempted to do Felix next month. But expect the Ghb from Elibe or TT.


Nuh uh New Heroes has to be SoV its been more than a year since it’s last NH banner

Sorry but that’s just my standing

I know that, rest assured. I think after Sov there is 3H and Elibe. Good that you can gather lots of resources to make a grail project and maybe have a heroe 5 * +10.


I agree wholeheartedly with this

I feel like the Plegian weapons are still a little too hyped. Deck swabber is very similar but swaps out the reverse unity for lull


But deck swabber looks absolutely ridiculous :expressionless:which is why I’d prefer the new axe.


Honestly why I gave Echidna the new axe. At least now she’s not holding a broom.


Like this?


Yeah or…

What’s better? An effective +15 ATK/DEF/RES with Deck Swabber, and smokes, or an effective +22 ATK/DEF/RES and lull with Plegian Axe, A/D Lull, and smokes?


Me, liking Deck Swabber because I imagine Darros wiping the floor with the body of his ennemies…


If the ennemy got a nul-debuff pirate weapon are way better. Without any smoke or lull pirate is better out of the box.
With full set-up and support plegian are better but got more “counters”


If the enemy does, let’s say it’s F!Ike, Plegian+Lull is still better than Pirate, at +8 stats over Pirates’ +5.


Plegian and lull does exactly the same on F!Ike than the pirates weapons you know? -8 in both. But pirate + lull can do a better spectrum of buff nullification because you can have a lull that is different than your weapon.

But the strong point of pirate is the fact it’s a lull. So using a lull with it is kind of meh. Using others B slot is where they’ll shine


Except that Pirate weapons overlap on the Lull effect, unless you get the other two stats on the Lull, but still don’t do anything to stop F!Ike, whose buffs are in-combat buffs. So even with that, it still comes down to +5/+3 whichever combination you choose, or +8 doubled up, whereas the Plegian weapons either double-down on debuffs to a cataclysmic level, or do the same thing that the Pirate weapons do in a more streamlined and effective manner, but with the same base debuff value as the Pirate weapons.

That’s why you don’t use pirate weapons with Lull but with other B slot, like dive bomb for flier, fighter skill for armored or SS/ nul follow-up/ C-disrupt/DR B slot etc…
Lull with pirate weapon is like using a breath A slot with special fighter/B!Lucina => You loose his most important effect So that’s kind of bad.

Comparing two weapons with the same skill when one weapon have the same effect than the skill/don’t have any synergy with the skill (and so isn’t really used with) isn’t a good way to compare. That’s like Comparing a blade tome + rouse atk/spd with a owl tome + rouse atk/spd

And you don’t have to use Plegian weapons with a Lull. Hell, most of my builds with then involve a dual-Chill, though I opt for the Lull as a safeguard. The point is that the Plegian effect is stronger and the only advantage granted by a Pirate weapon can be granted by another effect whereas the Plegian effect is not.

The total effect of Plegian weapon can be stronger true, but it need much more support than the pirate who is get the full effect out of the box. And the plegian weapons can be countered pretty easily too with all the restore+ and rally traps in AR.

I’ll still stick mostly to pirate weapon on infantry/armored because it’s more constant and free my B slot for another skill.