Hand over thy Saint Quartz: An Old Hassan of the Mountain Roll Thread

We all know what time it is. Hand over thy Head.

It’s about time for First Hassan to have heads, tears, and Saint Quartz. He’s not Mikon, Who I failed to get, or Illya Nuke, who I also failed to get, but he is the only ST Buster Assassin out there, and implacable as Death itself. If you want reliability, he is most certainly your man.

So, let’s test how well his Presence Concealment works against our Summoning Luck Rank. Which of us will roll for him, and which of us will get him. And how many of us are going to be crying at the end of it?

Azrael, Saint Quartz and Summoning Tickets

As well, tell us how many of the other Hassan you got in your rolls. More Salt. Just a bit longer till it’s time to summon. I’ll be using my 20 tickets for this one.


Azrail demands two threads, eh. :rofl:

I’ll be sitting atop a pile of 450SQ (including the 30 we get for Temple of Time-completion) tomorrow to throw Hassan the 1st’s way. You can look forward to me keeping a log of the rolls as they come in. In the meantime, to bless us all with good fortune, have a Gudako Hassan-cosplay:


drinking game:

take a shot each time you roll a Hassan that’s not First Hassan


Hard, easy skip from me. Best of luck to everyone rolling though, may he not Azrael your wallets/savings! \o/


I’ll probably throw a few SQ at him for NP2, but otherwise, not really going to go for him.

The fact you can say that says a lot. I’d be fine at NP1, as facecards are nice when I need an assassin.

I’m never satisfied with NP1. 200% NP gauge, more damage, better effects (though in Gramps case, might as well not exist). Getting drained when your max cap is the point where you can NP at all is annoying as f***. No I will never be satisfied with NP1, ever.


How many Hassan’s does Hundred Personas counts as?


this is a bad idea



Genuinely disappointed I can’t roll for him since I went way over-budget during Shimousa. One of my favorite servant designs in the whole damn game. I’m hoping he’ll pop up during a GSSR…

All you lads and ladettes rolling for him better welcome Gramps with open arms. ;-;


Wait just a second! He’s really the ONLY ST Buster Assassin in the whole game!?

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Yes. He is.

Well, technically steno has a ST buster np too… It just only works on centaurs


Meh, Stheno’s np is most of the time useless

Yeah, literally centaurs are the only things I’ve seen steno np, otherwise it’s just a def down.

Meh, for charmlock Stheno is useful other than that she does not see the light of the day. I always forget about her.

If it wasn’t for useful sisters, I’d never think about her either

I used the sisters 3 or 4 times against males and that was it.

Don’t forget about Carmilla and Sanson.