Hans vs gilgamesh caster

In what situation its better to bring one instead of other?
Been using nursery rhyme as a damage dealer and need to use one as a support but its seems like they both do the same amount of supporting so not sure which one to bring…

CasGil is better for when you need Arts support and have high hitcounts. Also if you have another source of sustain (Tamamo, Bride, Merlin, whatever).

Hans is better for passive stargen and pure crit buffs plus some sustain.

I’d say CasGil is better for Arts crit but Hans is probably better for Buster crit and Quick teams in general.


I’d say the differerence is dmg vs sustain fight.
For reference, i use CasGil with Archuria since she can sustain a fight by herself with selfheal and def up, also her gameplay is different from Nursery.

I think Hans is better for Crits team, because of passive stars generation + crits buff + Np effect.


The way Gilgamesh Caster works makes him more of an effective Arts buffer. After he uses his skills almost all his offensive utility is gone, so he relies on Tamamo to make his skills up again or he just gets killed/ plugsuited out.

Hans is more of sustainy kinda guy, his NP is an important part of his utility and it has some RNG on it for plot reasons, his skills only benefit Crit and his passive star-sustain only works if he’s on the field.

If you want to rush stuff with Arts NP refund, arts crits fueled by active star gen or do some buff stacking. Gilgamesh is more down your alley.

If you want a more slow-paced approach, with sustain and universally reliable crit. Hans is your choice.


Ok, here’s my 2 cent.
If the battle is short, caster gil is waaaay better
If you instead want to do a long challenge fight, abuse nursery morph, then Hans can be better
As long as you don’t plan to field a tamamo with them
My personal favourite is to build double tamamo with nursery and do a np drain team comp with morph up all time and constant healing. The problem is that with tamamo you don’t want use 2030…

Now, caster gil is better for "controlled " fight.
The kind you say “so, I am gonna use those skill and np t1, I m gonna do this in t3, then I swap that guy ecc ecc ecc”

Hans Is a bit worst at that for me.

Still, caster gill buff scale better with nursery rather then Hans (art up+ attack up and def down instead of the crit up she already have and the potential attack up). She also have good enought hit count ( 3 on all except buster, so not the best but good enought)

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If you want sustain in a long fight you go for Hans. His NP offers health regen, attack, defense and star gen and he has passive star gain on his 3rd skill in a short cooldown

If you want to Buff Stack you go for Gilgamesh. He has 2 different offensive buffs and a party wide 100% stargen, the biggest issue he has which are cooldowns (his first skill has 7 turns of cooldown at level 10) don’t matter at all when buff stacking since he will either die or have them ready when the attacker comes back.

But that changes a bit with Hans’ strengthening. Post upgrade you can buff stack with Hans by making a Crit DPS that gets passive stars every turn. With 2 Hans you can give someone , let’s say Ishtar, with just one use of Combat uniform 160% Crit Damage and passive 60 stars for 3 turns.

It depens on the attacker and what you want to do in a fight, i like Hans more but Gilgamesh is really powerful paored with characters that have high hit counts and want his buffs (Sheba, Squirtoria)


I’m newbie here. I’ve upgraded 2 farming caster to lv70(Helena np2 + nightless np1)
I’ve already got Gil caster np1 and Hans np4. So I just plan on Hans for boss fighting (Hans + Mash + main damage dealer in line up, bring Cu Alter or another dmg to last position). And I don’t know what should I do with Gil caster since he’s still has high HP and dmg, LOL

CasGil is dedicated for dmg and arts team (specifically for offensive, high hits count art servants).
Helena deals more dmg than CasGil, even more after NP’s upgrade, her 1st and 3rd skills, while hard to max, help a lot for farming when you start to have 1 or more starting CE (Kaleido / Immaginary …)
Both have long CD on those skills and you can look at them as a long-time project, either way i would focus on Helena, more usefull and NP2.

Helena is more universal and despite being called “budget waver” she can clear waves easily

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I wasn’t sure if I should create a new thread, or bump this one, but I decided to post here since it is related.

I noticed on CasGil’s gamepress page it doesn’t mention his Bond CE.
But wouldn’t a teamwide 20% NP damage up buff be useful, considering he doesn’t have an NP damage buff, and neither do Waver, Merlin, nor Tamamo? (well, Tamamo doesn’t have that buff yet)

Or are the other CE options just way more better? (Like, 2030, Prisma Cosmos, Black Grail on CasGil, etc)
And on a sidenote, at some point in the future we get an amazing support saber (A la Lanling) that seems to be better than CasGil at most things. Does this make CasGil outclassed?
I’ve run CasGil in several comps before, but I don’t see how he helps an aggressive playstyle.
Plus, I think my CasGil has too much HP for the poster-girl death strat to work within a reasonable amount of time.

His bond ce is one of the few that worth using. Him giving np damage buff makes him even more useful and since arts teams can loop easily you get a lot of utility from it.

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Okay, sweet. :fgo_astolfo:
Thank you for the reply :fgo_umu:

I’m currently working through Salem and he is on the team for bond points :fgo_buster: :fgo_casgilworry:

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