I need a happiny for the dex… I have hatched around 35 2 km eggs for the easter event. (Thanks scooter) But still have not scored the happiny. I got she is rare but I have hatched a few of the rare ones already just no happiny. Anyone got any luck??

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Hatched one, wasn’t shiny, wasn’t a hundo,binned it. I’ve got more pink egg carriers than I know what to do with.

But they are indeed out (in?) there.

Yeah I can see her in the in game egg chart but no hatches… Planning on going back out when I am done my classes :(

Now you can see how rare the mons in the eggs are. Bad news: happiny is in the lowest category with 19 other mons. So about 100 2km eggs you’ll have to hatch

I have hatched a 100 eggs and still no happiny :(

Me neither, but only hatched 60. 100 is also just an average - could as well be 150 or 250 :confused:
I also had my first Togepi this morning, even though it is said to hatch in about every 10th or so egg…i

I have hatched many togepi but mainly pichu and the rabbits… a few regular hatches like spoink and illumise but no happiny or munchy :(

Heck yeah! 100 hatches later


Yeeehaaaa!!! Congrats! I had a munchlax and a Togepi yesterday, so we are all happy(in)y :D

Got to be careful drawing things like that :rofl:

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