Happy birthday, Lucina! (2021 edition)

Hey! This is a little surprise post I secretly planned in a whim yesterday to share it today… why? Because today is 4/20… and what does that have to do? Well… it’s Lucina’s birthday! :feh_lucinasmug: …Was there something else? Oh right, a part of the date can be read as “420” if you use the American format… :fire:

:warning: Anyway: this is a “mini” surprise appreciation post, I’ll probably update it over the time… or just make a new thread dedicated to appreciating her character altogether, Idk but I’ll figure out what’s best I think. :catsupine:
But for now, we’ll settle with this, there are still a few ins and outs in Awakening I’ve yet to explore and rediscover, but my opinion on Lucina is pretty much set. :feh_nino:

(As to why I like her a lot...)

Here’s a not-so-quick reasoning as to why Lucina is my fav from her game, I always try to find reasonable enough motivations and explore as much as possible of the character as I can on their home game(s)… so: ever since I started to appreciate what the newer games have to offer, I always felt charmed by her, one of the reasons was her dazzling beauty, she doesn’t need a super llamative attire and/or “extra proportions” to look outstanding, because no one needs all that personally, and she already does look great Imo… there’s also a cool motif related to her, and that’s… blue butterflies! I tried peeking around a little and found one of the earliest possible origins, I haven’t seen said motif in-game but that might be my memory or not playing enough of the game itself… :feh_tooobin:

This piece of artwork comes from a book called: The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening.

Butterflies were probably the insect that was the most interesting to me because of the diverse patterns that are naturally engraved on their wings and how peaceful they are. As you can see, Lucina is, in some official pieces of artwork like the one above, surrounded by blue butterflies, which is quite an spectacle… and this reminds me of one of the assignments I finished recently about interfaces, there’s a psychology related to the colors in the UX (user experience) and UI designing (user interface), where blue has shown to be a calming color that symbolizes peace, and I think that her looks are something that stood out to me a lot, because of that.
But as always, that aspect matters little to me if there’s not a likeable characterization to backup the person in context… and Lucina left me a really positive impression thanks to initially FEH and then Awakening, while I’ve learned how to appreciate characters through continuously playing FEH and interacting in this community, I also decided I need to replay their home games even though I did, because there’s always something nice to discover, and I got pretty deep in Awakening yet not enough and with my save file being accidentally deleted into oblivion. :feh_ikecry: But while I could play her origin game, I could learn more things that drew my attention on her, she’s strong-willed and serious, and her lacking sense of humor due to her lack of time to have fun because of this alternate timeline that we get to learn in-game makes for some actually emotional moments, but in the end, she has a certain kindness and politeness that makes her all the more likeable, she’s really precious:

And that’s the gist of it :feh_nino:, I would love to go more in detail but as I said before, this is a celebrational post because her birthday is today, but regardless, I really appreciate her.

So, without further ado:

Happy birthday, Lucina!

I found this picture very recently… yesterday actually! Since it’s a recent piece and I can certainly recommend you check out this artist’s work if you haven’t, they have a good bunch of quality FE fan #art :

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @t_ippers (Twitter)

This artist almost exclusively draws Lucina, so I’m sure you’ll be delighted to follow their work:

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @a_meno_0 (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: ゴンザレス (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: aprahnicus (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: シミズアきナ (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: (Pixiv)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @FEDUDU91 (Twitter)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: anocurry (Deviantart)

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @Burnt_Green_Tea (Twitter)

(And I've made two of those pics my wallpapers, for phone and desktop)




…Yes, I was listening to the soundtrack of a game called Secret for Evermore, I haven’t played it before but I’ve heard its music on accident and I was amazed, “Queen Bluegarden” is :ok_hand:t2:.
I was surprised to see it’s produced by Squaresoft (now Square Enix) so that’s nice, I have plans to explore it.

And a mini showcase…

…I spent about 1~2 auto battling [Forging Bonds] around 7 p.m. yesterday, in Intermediate difficulty while doing other things to get her Legendary alt’s [HM] and [SP] up since I have her at high merge count while pulling for someone else (she came out a lot but I’m thankful for that nowadays lol), I also gave her two boosts because I felt she deserved 'em, but my main [Dragonflower (I)] recipients for now are still Legendary Julia and Sara, and that’s what I intent to stick to until they get 'em all.
Anyway, I got Midori while rolling for Spring Idoun in mid-to-late Mar/2021 so I had an idea as to what I’d be doing with her since Legendary Lucina is still my only candidate for it as I have no interest in Norne nor plans to build many archers; I also remembered I had a lightly invested Rhajat, a Plegian Kris I never decided to use and a Chrom to promote, so seeing I had fodder to give her a new build, I decided to, thought it could make up for a nice gift and token of appreciation. :feh_ilovelucy:

This is just a flex build but I’ll actually use something cheap like [Moonbow] and her base [Future Vision], I’ll also set her as lead for the day in case anyone wants to try her out. :feh_nino:
I don’t have much of premium I can give her sadly, since most of my fodder comes through pitybreakers when pulling for merges on favs… speaking of which, I’ll budget at least a little to pull for Lucina and Julia on the weekly coming this 5/23! I’ll post the results on the pinned weekly banners thread if you’ll be looking forward to it!

The End

Thanks for checking out this post! I’ll admit I was a tad nervous before posting it since this is something new I’m trying, I’ll certainly do this for other favs but for now I would like to see how this is received, hopefully it was your liking!
I also looked for other thread and there was one last year, but I figured it wasn’t a good idea to necropost… but I felt inspired to make this since yesterday!
This is a mini special, as a result, there are no mentions to subscribers because it’s a little dedicatory I wanted to do and to celebrate this day with anyone that likes her… I’m thinking of bringing back this thread every 4/20 if I’m around, but you’re welcome to do it too.

I’ll also mention our fellow resident fans here (if you’d like your name in then I’ll add it, or I can remove it if you didn’t want it in — I tried to remember who likes her here so I apologize if you didn’t want the @ and/or if I was mistaken):


This is the greatest thread in GP history


Proud of her :feh_ilovelucy:



And Happy Birthday to Fire Emblem





Thanks guys! I’m happy with this so far.

Here are two pieces of fan #art I just found, I’ll share more as I find 'em. :feh_navarreculture:

:arrow_up: Drawn by: @AKN_646 (Twitter)

I was also slow to realize this but the first FE was released today in Japan, happy anniversary ofc!

:arrow_up: Drawn by: らんぐさん(すっきりと) (Pixiv)


Hehe, 420


Happy Birthday to Lucina :fgo_jeannecheer:



Shoot, I forgot to get anything for my favourite Lord’s birthday. Although I have recently decided I will start investing in my neutral +2 resplendent Lucy even though I never expect more merges after the measly 2 summoned copies in 4 years. With Sealed Falchion, she’ll be great regardless.

Anyway, happy birthday Lucy. Also thanks for posting the art, it brightened the day. Especially that good looking resplendent art.


Reject modernity, embrace bulky Lucina :feh_lucinasmug:


But where’s her Res stat



I actually got inspired from seeing your build somewhere and thought I had no one else I like a lot that’d use [Spendthrift Bow+] as well as Legendary Lucina, and this build is living proof of how good it’s on her, nice job. :feh_navarreculture:


Lucina… Her tears brought me to Everything, I know about the series of FE…

She changed a lot my view…

May Chrom and Naga protect you! Or as she says…


Happiest of Birthdays, Lady Lucina! Thank You for bringing me into Fire Emblem series…

I know, I know! Her Build is Very Old… I get it


Thanks! She took a long time to complete, so I’m pretty proud of how she turned out.


Nice, also all the same, and it’s OK if you don’t have enough fodder to make her great, every bit of appreciation counts.


Ya got the pretty Tippers work. He did a really nice job on that and just recently posted it(Right on time).


Lucina fan here. 2 completed works, will try to get around the OG some time.



Happy birthday to the Princess of Ylisse, and Challenger of Fate!

I had so much fun with you as my Smash main since launch Smash 3DS/Wii U and likely would’ve stayed as my main if I played Smash Bros. Ultimate

You were also my first 5☆ (+ATK -SPD) FEH character too!


Playing as Lucina in ðe sm4sh is what shoved me into playing fe in ðe first place so its always great to wish her a happy birþday