Happy Third Anniversary?

These 30 SQZ in your opinion are a extra bonus that will add to the Retweet Campaign ( 60 SQZ )?

Or is this going to substitute the retweet campaign, meaning that we were supposed to get 60 sqz and instead got only these 30?

What 30quartz?

We just got 30 sq in our mailbox for the 3rd anniversary of FGO in NA.

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That’s why i ask if this will replace the supposed 60 sqz of retweet or if this will be an added bonus to those 60 sqz

My guess is this is in addition.

But it is just a guess.

This is still just the first announcement

JP’s 60 SQ came from a livestream/campaign, there may be more, but the 60 SQ in and of themselves you’re currently better off taking as in flux.

Well, i guess that 30 sqz is better than nothing, but it’s a loss of 30 sqz if there won’t be the livestream.
Anyway, it’s probably too early.
Better be salty once anni is gone and no livestream happened. Until that bad scenario, let’s see and wait

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I expect we only get 30 SQ from the AX stream on the 4th.

Not a problem, all i care about is getting the 60 sqz.

If they decided to split them, 30 now 30 later…that’s fine.

Afterall i will use them later in Dead Heat event.