Hard decisions are always the worst decisions (But now introducing another +10)

Tempted to just say F it and try for her final 2 merges now and get it over with, but I could also just wait until she’s in the 4* special’s list (which she should be in it this year if im not mistaken) since Green is usually my highest polling color but wait a lot longer to get her final 2 merges because IS puts like every unit I want as a damn Green unit

Also can we just get the Valors as seal’s IS… I’ve still yet to summon SA.Tiki, and grinding SP when it’s not 2X SP is slow af


Yep I know your pain Dozla has yet to learn a ton of skills and Tethys helps but I wished the weekends gave more than 2xSP, but I also need lance valor for other units.
For your Edelgard remember that Lex has axe valor just saying.
I just need to wait for a FB + 5xSP event to grind like crazy.


He has Axe exp…

SA.Tiki is the only Axe Valor unit


Oh I thought the skills that had the weapon on it were the ones that boosted SP and exp.
I forgot they were divided in those that give exp and those that give SP.
Well the anniversary is close hopefully they give a week of 5xSP.


They usually do, but I don’t need it for her anymore now


Even if she gets in the 4* special pool, it’s still gonna be a real long time to get those last two merges.

I would say if you can to do it this banner, but IDK what your orb stash/wallet is like


I mean that depends on what rng says

Literally never tried to summon a single copy of her in my entire time play the game, and yet since she was put into the 4* special I polled 8 copies of her, with the 8th copy actually coming from this very banner


True, that is why my Ike is at +8, but also keep in mind that’s over like 5 years of playing.


Just summoned another unit that I only went for a single copy of since his release but keeps showing up from 4☆ special’s

And now they both are +9

Think I’ll hold off until last day to try for the last merge of Edelgard now


Looks like rng was on my side, had 4 orb’s, did my RD run for an orb yolo summoned

@seiken 4 down, 1 more to go

Don’t look at that seal, it’s their after switching Mystic Boost off of her


Think I’ll finish OG when her refine comes out :catclap:


Hopefully it’s soon


Look, RNG was on you side which means that I was completely right about my advice.

Yep, no way this could have gone horribly wrong.


Well I mean… could have been a repeat of Thorr… it is RNG we are talking about here


That…was the joke, yes

That honestly wouldn’t surprise me if they decide to never do that. I.S. is very inconsistent. :upside_down_face:

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the last Valor skill to appear, which is C.Tome Valor, but eh, very few units are that class type so I don’t expect it soon.

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Yah I know, I just like to bring it up all the time cuz that rng royally fucked me hard