Hardest Røkkr?

So since Røkkr sieges is coming up which of the Røkkr do you think will be the hardest?

  • Klein (Banaraku’s husband)
  • Clair
  • Kagero
  • Barst
  • Tiki
  • L!Eirika

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Depends on the weapon, if Kagero has poison dagger, then she’d be a big threat

If she has her new dagger, I don’t really know what it does

Most annoying? Barst or Clair. Clair’s dual effectiveness will be annoying though

Klein cuz I don’t want to kill him.
I have no serious idea

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Klein is pretty hard.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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If the Roekkr has stats like the original unit, Kagero I think is going to be quite a threat because she’s constantly debuffing us on def and she hits fairly hard.

Klein also might be annoying because it’s hard to bring a heron when there’s a bow running around (especially if he has a brave effect like his infantry version).

Melee units probably get wrecked by Whitewings.



I have to say tiki because she is a good tank so damaging her much will be more difficult
And units like Klein and Kagero would have to be the weakest of how the obstruct strat will disable them from doing anything

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Naga and Alm users will have a field day with Tiki. I’m thinking Klein and Kagero will be the hardest.

TA Est
support with two herons running goad fliers

Nvm then

Why Est of all units?
Wouldn’t someone like Brave Heccdaddy be better?

Klein bc Nino-chan will probably get hurt :frowning:

Just use Iote’s Shield :thinkinglikelukas:

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Ya I know XD

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I’m not going to make an easiest Røkkr because it’s blindly obvious

That’s also a decent try and might be sufficient for 25k damage per stamina point, but there are a few considerations that come up right away:

  • I ran the comparison between Effie 5*+1 and Est 4*+10, both +atk. Effie goes brave lance bold fighter; Est just needs the prf and can use obstruct or renewal. For Effie I assumed atk tactic + two drive atk (because there’s only one drive atk seal and atk tactic is not available as a seal yet) and for Est I assumed just two goads without an extra drive atk (which I probably would use). Est has about 6 more atk. Having a 19mt brave weapon is absurdly powerful. Once you factor in TA and the boost, we can be talking potentially 40-80 more damage per hit, and if she’s quadding into galeforce that can be 320-640 damage a turn without accounting for refreshes or enemy phase.
  • Est is better at tanking Tiki because res and spd
  • mobility might matter because Roekkr specials lunge us.

Well that’s a lot of stuffs
But also wouldn’t Naga be a good teammate for Est as she is a flier, can grant goad buffs, and effective damage

That would be “or” effective damage, because goad fliers isn’t a seal :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s probably pretty good. The problem is that if Naga and Est both attack, the hone won’t be on for next turn. Though…I guess you could trick Tiki into lunging you into the hone happen. You double-team her so that Naga, Est, and Tiki form an L-shape. Whichever of Naga and Est get attacked, Naga and Est end up beside each other so Est becomes dragon-effective.

I think I prefer an extra refresh though. 100% extra damage better than 50% extra damage.