Harry’s Trunk - Special Event

Hi everyone, just wondering if people have had luck in locating Harry’s trunk in the recent special event? I play solidly every day & work in the city, so tend to come across tons of foundables, yet I have not seen this emergency foundable at all?

I’m not sure if it can only be unlocked through challenges, so have used tons of Harry Potter runestones with no luck as well (just keep getting his jumper) please help!

The trunk comes from opening 7km portkey portmanteaus. It should be pretty much guaranteed from them.

Each event so far they’ve spread out the foundables on the event page amongst the various game activities: two from spawns, two from completing the event missions, one from challenges, and one from portkeys. I’m assuming this will continue with future events as well.

Ahhhh I see, yes makes sense because I have quite a 7km portkeys here that haven’t been opened, thanks for that!