Has anyone been able to clear HBH on expert?

All my runs have ended in Abject failure.
I’ve brought in peeps with 6500+ might across the board (the healer oft has 6300), and I’ve always run out of time before she breaks at ~50% HP
I main 50 MC Fjorm (38 STR augment)
MUB Strohm Mare, MUB/+200 augment Volcanic Queen, and MUB Siren (I only just pulled Leviathan during the last Gala, and haven’t the Sunlight Stones to MUB him yet! don’t judge) also MUB Valiant crown or Tough Love (13 STR augment)

Have tried bringing along:
2 Lily

Other Fjorm

Summer Celiera

Although pretty sure only i had a HBH bane weapon in any of the above.

So what? Should I just wait til they revive any of the THREE facility events for water adventurers?

Consider replacing Volcanic Queen with Crystalian Envoy, since you’re melee and using Strohm Mare? Maybe look into using Elisanne to deal more damage (needs 100% burn res). Consider not using Tough Love, since you’re not cheesing?

There are a lot of clears with Thaniel + Fjorm / Elisanne + Lily + S!Celliera.

Note that they added the busted new weapons ¬¬’ so many of them provably have been smarter than me and have used the damascus ingots in that weapons.

PS: i’m personally dissapointed that you don’t need MUB weapons to forge that HDragon weapons ¬¬’ I’ve wasted so much time farming and so much ingots for that :cry:

Well, speaking for myself 3Deric i havent been able to clear none of the high dragons not even once in any dificulty, and my strongest team is water attuned heroes with Fjorm, Lily , summer
Julietta and dragon yule Cleo, with 21k might overall and i definetly believe that you have a stronger team than mine .it is pretty sad to see that in order to get newest (and maybe the best) elemental weapons you have to be able to defeat one of the strongest challenges that the game has to offer and prior to that defeat some of the void battles to get the base weapons. buuuut everything comes down to the dedication that you put into the game right?