Has anyone else noticed the title of the Yuga changing?

Some days it seems to be Yuga Kshetra and other days it seems to be Yuga Kurukshetra.

Maybe you can take the Kshetra out of the Uruk but you can’t take the Uruk out of the Kshetra?

It all comes back to him

this wasn’t worth how long this took to find


You thought all roads led to Rome, but it was actually Uruk!



It also happened to SIN, previously they write it QIN


Kurukshetra is the place where Mahabharata supposedly took place. The context of kurushetra means a battlefield here i think.
Yuga in hindu mythology generally means ages/eons/epoch, according to hindu mythology there are 4 yugas the 4th yuga ends with pralaya (extinction) and the 1st yuga reinstates and the cycle continues.
So putting two on two together, yuga kurushetra may mean the battlefield that spans many yugas.
More context can be derived when lostbelt 4 hits NA.

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well the subtitle of lb4 is samsara of genesis and terminus so it’s pretty much a given that it’s about cycles. The battlefield part is interesting though


They keep changing the name several times. According to one native Indian I know, the plot-relevant one is Yuga Kshetra.

Funnily enough, they haven’t fixed the cropped logo.



actually is that logo a symbol of something in hindu mythology? because that kinda looks like the background of kama’s asc 1/2 np

Im from India too, technically speaking (afaik)
Kshetra means a marked area. Kurushetra means the khetra encircling/encompassing the kindgdom of kuru. Kuru is named after King Kuru who is descendant to both Pandavas (arjuna and his brother) and Kauravas (Duriyodhan and his 99 other siblings), these are the two factions that faought against each other in the mahabharata war at kurushetra.

It is said that the mahabharat war served as a transition from dvapara yuga to Kali yuga. Kali yuga is the final state of yuga cycle where it serves as an age (yuga) of degradation. At the end of kali yuga the degradation, depravity reaches so high that lord vishnu will reincarnate to destroy all the sinners (as kalki). The cycle of yugas will restart from those who remain.

About the symbol: i think considering it has 8 petals the symbol certainly is lotus. Though particular context of the lotus is unclear to me. In our mythology lotus serves as a symbolic flower to many deities such as vishnu, kamadeva, lakhsmi, surya(sun) etc. It also symbolises divinity, imortality (or eternally), and awakening.

About the central square iconograph, i dont know, the diamond shape and four corners might point to the four yugas, but at best it is a guess.

My best guess about the whole icon would be as follows:
The four yugas are being preserved by divine grace eternally.


oh a lotus certainly makes sense since kama pulls that out during one of her skill animation


The central square is also basically the same checked board that you see in the Bond 10+ line, so I’m fairly sure that that is just something specific to FGO.