Has anyone else realized that they added tax to orb purchases?

I went to buy the $39.99 pack and it would not let me I checked the tax and it said the price was $43 something what the fuck gives? This was never a thing before!

It was always a thing though


Far as I was aware there’s always been a tax on orb purchases.

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I haven’t had that ever. It only came up today. I live in New York in the US if that gives any insite.

Teach me your tax evasion ways


I’m from Wisconsin and there has always been a tax on orbs

Laughs in Free to Play


No tax here as of yesterday (looking at play store purchase history). Are you guys using ios maybe?

Idk it has never been there till just now. :confused: :open_mouth:

I don’t play that game, but I know exactly what it’s like to go to ring something up and then BAM!!! Those greedy bullies hit you with the added charge! URGH!


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Yeah idk… thats weird.

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Lol wtf? 3 Orbs for $1.99? :rofl:

I was using a google play gift card to buy it.

The advantage being French is you pay the tax directly in the orb price!
Long live to the tax country!

I personally don’t feel that buying orbs is worth it.
There’s just so much else you could do with that money.
Also it feels so good to get a 5* with FTP orbs :birbpeek:


Laughs from the UK

It doesnt change for me regardless of purchase method or orb amount. It must have to do with where you’re located… google has a list of states where they supposedly collect tax here. Thing is tho, I’m actually located in one of the states listed so again, idk. Should probably write to IS through ingame support and ask them whats up.

Ofc its not worth it. Lootboxes in any form are total scams. Anyone who says otherwise is out of their mind.

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I deleted the app and am redownloading it currently to see if that fixes it.