Has anyone else's FGO been lagging?

Something I’ve been noticing since Scatfest is that my game’s been lagging both in battle and out. At first I thought it was just a server issue since Scatfest was a lottery but now it’s getting really annoying.

Has anyone else been experiencing this in the last couple of months? If so and you fixed it how did you do it? I play FGO on my phone and it’s a Galaxy A32 5G. I’ve also got an IPad Air 2 that I used to play it on.

I’ve already tried clearing RAM and wiping Cached Data and neither has done anything noticeable to the issue.


I have a new samsung phone (Galaxy A04) myself and it runs FGO without any problem. Your phone is better than mine so in theory you should also run fgo without any problem.

Try this

If that doesn’t fix it for you then your best bet is to email fgo support about your issues.

I had severe freezes for quite some time, and had to make sure FGA was actually doing it’s job on the past 2 lottos, but this last 2-3 updates actually made that stop. Even Yan Guifei NP doesn’t slow down anymore.

Samsung seemed to have the most problems. Mine is also an older model that doesn’t have their newest Webview stuff so I guess that helps too as it seems the main culprit. Ironically seems newer Samsungs have more trouble…

I’ve been experiencing lag ever since this year’s NA anniversary. Nothing too bad, but noticeable all the same.

Lagging a bit on LD Player ever since the latest big patch (the one that supposedly brought performance improvements). Mostly FPS drops when loading into battle.

Lag…when FGAings is…annoying.

I think it started with Anni too. Anyway, the loading in the banner screen is gone but game still lag/freeze when playing.

I’ve been having this issue a lot lately. I use a Samsung Tab A 10 inch. It was worse during this last event. Would freeze/lag either during battle or changing sectors. Weird glitch that happened as well, was when it lagged it would show a frame from an earlier screen or Battle. It would stay there for a handful of seconds until it caught up. I’d have to restart the game to get some relief temporarily.

One cause could be on this game I have screenshots of the Event guide and swap from that back to the game as I play during events. I need to check if it does still lag without having those screenshots open. If not it’s probably a ram issue.